Light Against Darkness

Imagine, if you can. Go back to your childlike innocence, and see this as it really is.

I want you to compare a soul, not just any soul, but a couple of souls that have been beaten on, crapped on, had so much dark magic hammered it at them that they almost — almost — look like a couple of broken snow globes.

Now, please imagine a dying, collapsing star — a sun.

What happens as that star collapses?

It begins to pull in up on it’s selves. Dragging all the darkness and dark matter with it.

Until the moment when it explodes. And when it does, it destroys all the darkness, all the dark energies, all of the dark matter … until all that is left is the light of a new star!

A new soul made whole again.

Get ready …



In the year 1960, three Nephilim nestled in the womb.

Through the power of creation they were born.
One was sent to live in riches,
One to a home of comfort.
One to live in poverty and pain.
Two chose the ways of darkness,
One chose the path of light and righteousness from creation’s origin.
The one found his soul mate from times beginning.
The two of the darkness joined against the two of the light.
So the war was begun, to be fought until the end,
Two from the light,
Two for the darkness,
Blood against blood, so shall it be …


Things are Getting Spooky …

Damn, I thought Halloween was over, cause I’m still seeing spooks! Oh, wait, I’ve always been able to see to see those things. Never mind. Boy, things are getting bad. Just as we said they would. And they’re only going to get worse.

Let’s start by setting the record straight on a few things. Nowadays, we are seeing a ton of so-called “experts” in Demonology, Exorcisms, the Occult, etc. Fact is most are full of crap. No, I am not going to get into mudslinging here. People can say what they want. It’s a free country. Well … okay, not a free country but, you know.

One of the biggest false teachings these experts are putting out is, “Demons are fallen angels.” Uh, no. Not just no, but hell’s no! A “fallen” angel is just that, a fallen angel. Not stripped of power, not transformed into hideous looking creatures, and they still shine light (all that glitters ain’t gold). And they are at war with the “standing angels.” However, fallen angels do have lesions of demons under their control and command, and they damn sure use them.

The second fallacy is that all nephilim are evil. Wrong. A nephilim is a human with angelic blood. Just as with every other race out there, there are good ones and there are those that are pure evil. And yes, they are very powerful and most are split on the whole right and wrong issue. Just like everything else out there.

I know there are those out there that say the nephilim died off with Noah’s flood. Well, the Bible says the “watcher angels” had sex with human women and the offspring were the half breeds — the nephilim. Incidentally, do you really think angels, both standing and fallen, ever stopped having sex with human women? Nope! Trust me on this, I know they haven’t.

Third, I will only touch this for now. The whole “meditating” thing of emptying your mind. Bad idea! Period. Meditating on something, i.e. utilizing a point of focus, works. But emptying the mind — no. You take a great risk of becoming a meat suit for something nasty. You create a vacancy where other things can come in and set up shop. This is a post in and of itself. We’ll work on it.

Lastly for now are the majority of those “ghost hunters” (ghost busters, ghost watchers et al), all over television these days. Most of them are nothing but pure bullshit. Example — several weeks ago I happened to find one. “They” (meaning the ghost hunters), supposedly had found a demonic entity in this woman’s house. OK. Their demonologist, their expert, simply sat, and in a soft, slow voice, told it quietly to leave in the name of Jesus. Bullshit! When you are facing a demon and forcing it to leave, it is a fight! One of the main reasons politely telling a demon to leave doesn’t work is because it’s not just about the words you say — it’s how you say them or, more to the point, the force of will that you put behind them. Most people (including so-called demonologists) do not know this. If you’re just saying the words and not understanding the process, it will not work.

You are not, I repeat, not going to just sit there and ask it to leave nicely! It don’t work that way! Never has, never will. I’ve been thrown from one end of a house to the other end by these bastards. Nearly had my right arm ripped off by another and on and on!

Also, let me point this out. Every one of these bastards you fight, and win (you’d better win, cause demons don’t take prisoners, they take souls), sooner or later, it will come after your ass. Count on that! This is not an easy job. It’s beyond dangerous. It’s dirty, it’s exhausting and a total pain in the ass. And once you step into it, there is no going back. Just doing it one time, you become marked. You get a target on your back and I promise you, you will never be the same again. You will never sleep for crap again, and the number of your friends will drop to single digits.

This is serious business, and something we never joke about or take lightly. It is, frankly speaking, about life and death. So, if you have a paranormal, supernatural, or demonic problem, and would like our help, you can contact us at finnbarxxx [at]hushmail d0t com. But only those problems, as we said, were done with everything else. Part 2 coming soon.


Spinning … Is it Out of Control Yet?

Twelve Little Grabbers

Child abductions happen every day. From major cities to small towns, it happens to the rich and poor alike. Sometimes there is no rhyme or reason why a specific child is taken. But it does happen. Please bear with us as we try and explain one way in which this happens.

The people procuring these children are from varied sources. Some are from what is commonly known as the Illuminati. Some children are procured by what are commonly known as Satanists. Some are even procured by the rich for their own personal pleasure for purposes which include but are not limited to rape, sodomy, child prostitution, drug running, and yes, to be used in snuff films. Government officials can also be included in this list of procurers.

One of the methods in which children are taken is what is commonly known as a “snatch and grab”. In this post we will just call them grabbers. These grabbers are sent out in various numbers to comb areas for the ideal children to kidnap, and they go off a list that outlines the preferred qualities to look for. They may stalk their victims for days, even weeks, before finally making their move. As horrifying as the people who pay for these children, these grabbers are every bit as bad if not worse.

It would take a small book to explain everything concerning these people  — how they do it, their mindsets, etc.  — too much for a blog post. But here is a little poem about a certain group of grabbers who once ran into a couple of people unexpectedly … who did not share their likes and interests.

Ten Little Grabbers
Ten little grabbers met in a parking lot
In various cars they drove
Ten little grabbers were expecting a pickup
Little children all wrapped in bows
But what they saw from the speeding car that bulleted in
Were not little children – oh no
Ten little grabbers all jumped in surprise
Six little grabbers were told ‘circle the car’
Ten little grabbers laughed with glee
As two people got out and smiled with ease
“How’s it going, guys?” said the driver of the car
Six little grabbers rushed the two
A bad mistake (who knew?)
Then came flashes of steel, splattering of blood
In a matter of moments, only two still stood
Six little grabbers lay in a heap
some groaning, some pushing, trying to get to their feet
The driver of the car turned to the other four
As the passenger smiled, waiting for more
“Where are you going?” he screamed as they ran
“We’re just getting started, don’t leave us now, man.”
Six little grabbers will no longer harm
No more children with bows, the evil’s disarmed
As for the other four, I know not where
perhaps they’re still running — I do not care
But rest assured, you poor little four pills
Lest your masters get to you, I know someone who will

New Directions

As we stated in our last blog post early in October, we will no longer be discussing or talking about anything that has to do with MK ULTRA, SRA, or any other government sponsored mind control. There is just no need. For years we tried, for years we got nothing.

Now, before we go on please be advised — this is for you, that small group of people who have stood by us through thick and thin, through hell and high water. You guys get it. You have been through it, you have lived it, you have survived it, and we have all stood by each other. That group is small. Very small indeed. And we will be contacting you in the next couple of days, each and every one. This blog post will be in two parts. And besides that small group mentioned above, we don’t give a damn what you think about us. What we will be telling you in this blog post is the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. We are also writing this because we are obligated to write this. Just as the “other guys” – the bad guys – are obligated to tell you what they are going to do beforehand. Whether it be in movies, TV, the alternative community, or any other form of entertainment there is, we are also obligated to inform. It’s called balance. That’s what a Greywalker is about. More about that later.


What exactly is a demon? Well, Webster’s dictionary says this:

n. 1. (Gr. Antiq.) A spirit, or immaterial being, holding a middle place between men and deities in pagan mythology.

The demon kind is of an intermediate nature between the divine and the human.

- Sydenham.
2. One’s genius; a tutelary spirit or internal voice; as, the demon of Socrates.
3. An evil spirit; a devil.

That same demon that hath gulled thee thus.

- Shak.

There are numerous other dictionaries with similar definitions, from the Catholic version to the Islamic version, and so on and so on, but they’re all pretty much the same thing. Don’t believe us? Look it up yourself.

Now, here’s my definition of a demon: A lowlife, scumbag, bottom-feeding entity that needs to strip a human being of their free will to survive on this plane. They’re willing to lie, to kill, to torture, and do whatever it takes to survive on this plane inside a human. Riding a human being as a meat suit as it were.

Forget all you’ve seen in the media. demons are not, for the most part, the huge, horned creatures covered in boils or warts or whatnot, breathing fire. A demon is a creature of spirit. When they inhabit a human, except on rare occasions, all you see is the human they inhabit. There are telltale signs, but very few people know enough to recognize them. Demons are not always people in places of power and importance. They can be your next door neighbor, or they can even be your great grandmother who goes to the mailbox with her walker every day to check the mail. If that demon so wished, being inside great grandma, she could not only turn over the mail truck, but pull out its driver, rip him or her to shreds, and shuffle back up into the kitchen for tea. This is what you and us have to deal with.

Notice that I was using “she”. Contrary to popular belief, demons come in both sexes, as do angels and their counterparts – fallen angels. Whether you choose to believe this or not is completely up to you. But Abaddon (The Destroyer) is in control of one third of the earth’s population. Now, while it is debated amongst demonologists, theologians, and the like whether Abaddon is a demon or a fallen angel, for the sake of this post, it means little. The fact is, she is one badass bitch, and she owns one third of the people on this planet. Can you stop and think about that for a few seconds? That something that evil is totally in control of one third of the people on this planet? Are you starting to get a little jolt as to what we’re all up against here?

And, lest we forget, Azazel. Azazel is a fallen angel, with thousands of lesser demonics under his command. Azazel cares nothing of controlling mankind, only in destroying. So I’m sure some of you are asking yourselves now, what of Lucifer? Lucifer, for as nasty of an ass as he is, quite frankly pales in comparison to Abaddon and Azazel. He’s ranked third in the hierarchy of Hell, Azazel being ranked number one, You can figure out who’s ranked number two if you’re smart enough.

This, boys and girls, is what you and what few Greywalkers are left, are up against. Before moving on to the next part, there is something I wish to point out. I’m getting really tired of hearing these so-called experts, these so-called demonologists, these so-called “I know everything about everythings” stating that demons are nothing more than fallen angels. That is such utter bullshit nonsense. They are two totally separate entities. But certain fallen angels command legions of demons, but they are not the same beings.

More concerning this in the very near future.

Moving on to part two now. It is good being free from shackles. We no longer have to hold back on anything we say. We no longer have to be careful of what we say. We can now say what we want. And, I must say, it’s going to be very displeasing to some of you. Two points in the second part of this blog post: Let’s start with the “alternative” media. We have said for years that the alternative media was set up by the people in charge to be controlled opposition. It has always been that, and always shall be. There are, however, that very, very small handful of people out there who have stayed true to themselves and others, who keep plugging along.

Then there are those who have put themselves out there with a “For Sale” sign on their foreheads. You can go from the Alexes to the Passios to the McMullens, to the Zeke’s the Greeks. They do what they’re told. They are all smaller groups of a larger whole. So many of them are part of the pedophile problem/rings in this country, child prostitution rings in this country, money laundering rings in this country, and their protection rivals that of world leaders. Have you ever stopped to wonder why that is? Maybe you should. Maybe it’s time you stepped back and wonder how certain people can thrive and prosper greatly in such a turbulent economy, while 99 percent of the people are floundering. Don’t you think it’s about time you stopped and used your free will and free thought, and thought about it for awhile?

Now, let’s end this with something that is more than close to our hearts. The Greywalkers. It seems that suddenly people out there are claiming to be Greywalkers. I don’t think so. Considering the fact I know the person who created the organization and made me one of her captains, I didn’t see any of your people’s names at roll call. You people making these false claims have no concept of what it is to be one of us — a Greywalker. To be one of us means to live your life in pain. To be one of us means, at times, having to watch an innocent be killed and not intervening because your orders are to stand down. That’s what keeping the balance is all about. That is what being one of us is all about. It means laying awake at night crying in silence. It means looking at a mirror in the morning and cursing your very existence.

This is not a position any of us take lightly. It truly is about the needs of the many outweighing the needs of the few or the one. There is no recruitment station for this. You are born into this  — whether you like it or not. It is about enduring hardships beyond what most could understand. It’s about giving up simple pleasures most take for granted. But yet there are those out there making the claim that they are one of us. Shame on you. Shame on you all. We have had to deal, over the past many years, with so-called military people pointing their finger at us screaming stolen valor. We neither ask for valor, nor do we want it. But claiming that you are a Greywalker when you are not goes beyond anything concerning stolen valor. It is a slap in the face to creation itself. You want to know what it looks like when three to four Greywalkers meet in a bar to sit down and talk? It’s a group of people staring at the table for an hour at a time in silence with their heads down. That is what it looks like. To be one of us, you give up being you. Because the needs of the many outweigh you. If you were up to it, you would have been born into it. So my advice to you people making these false claims? Stop, and renounce, because I can make no promises as to what happens to you when you get that visit.

More to follow later.

Moving Away from MK

Talking about the horrors of MK ULTRA is like throwing week old fish guts into someone’s face. No one wants to hear about it. The subject is heartrending, painful, and shocking to the point that most people shut down mentally and emotionally a little bit upon hearing details about it. Either that or they deny any of it is true, largely because (a) they don’t want it to be true and (b) if they accepted it as the truth it would require them to change their entire world view and  belief about what is really happening on the planet. We get that.

So, as of today, we wanted to let everyone know that we will no longer be talking publicly about MK ULTRA and our experiences in the projects. This decision was, frankly, years in the making and not decided upon without some serious thought and soul searching.

Why are we doing this? For several reasons. One, our stories and information are out there for people to reference, albeit buried by the mainstream and alternative media and surrounded by a fair amount of pseudosupersoldiers trotted out to discredit us. So be it. It’s there for those with discernment to find.

Secondly, we feel that getting this information out and trying to stop these projects needs to be humanity’s goal, not just ours. Sadly, the groundswell of individuals who should have held people responsible and gotten this sort of thing stopped has never materialized. A small group of people can indeed change the world, but a nonexistent one can’t.

For these and other reasons, we are now closing this chapter of our lives permanently. No drama, no anger, no tearful recriminations, just the firm belief that this is an appropriate decision for us. We’re done.

So this is our goodbye for now — we’ll be moving out of the public eye for some time. We’ve still got work to do and we are still totally committed to being of service to humanity — just in a different way. We may be back to tell you about it in the not too distant future — we just didn’t want to disappear without letting you know and explaining some things first.

Our thanks goes out to all those who supported us and more importantly our message. Please take care of yourselves and each other in the most loving and kind way, always.