Greetings From Anchorage, Alaska

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I have been requested to inform those associated with Duncan and Miranda that they are “OK”. All is well. They are currently on a “work trip” (those who know, “know”) and have been incommunicado for over 4 weeks. 
“Greetings from Anchorage, Alaska…and beware, Azazel. Supermoon this weekend, keep your guards high.” D&M
The website at was down due to an issue with the hosting server <no, not again!>—we are working  worked diligently this weekend to resore service…please pass on to The Others.

 — at Avenue Bar Anchorage

Threats Against Public Officials

Another day, something else to deal with. We received this in our email this morning:


—– Forwarded message from “god deviled” <> —–
Date: Mon, 23 Jun 2014 16:48:00 +0000
i am taking barax obama out pretty soon
We do not know who this person is, nor do we condone the message in the email.

The proper authorities have been notified, conversations have taken place, and we wish to state for the record we have nothing to do with what was written in this email nor do we wish to. The next time someone wishes to try and set us up, please do a better job.

Just another day at the office.


D&M Seminars Permanently Discontinued

Effective immediately, we will no longer be holding any seminars.

In addition, the seminar we had planned to have in Boston has also been canceled. Apologies to those who had planned on attending and of course those who registered will get full refunds and will be contacted individually.

Some of you may know that we encounter a tremendous amount of interference when organizing these events. It’s part of who we are and part … PART… of the price we pay for speaking the truth of what was done to us and others under MK ULTRA. We are used to it, and we make every effort to adapt, improvise and overcome these obstacles put in our path.

It would be nice to blame everything on that, wouldn’t it? Ah, the man is keeping us down! ‘elp, ‘elp, we’re being repressed, shaking our fists at the bad guys and all that. But here’s another truth: It’s not just about the sabotage. If we had the support we needed from those who believed in what we do and who felt it was important to help us help them and their fellow humans to develop their abilities, get stronger, and fight the insidious darkness that we a a planet have allowed into our homes, hearts and minds, we would be able to continue to reach out to people.

But we do not have that support.

If we had enough people who believed in what we were doing, and who were willing to put that belief in action, we would be able to do these seminars, interference or no. If people stopped disappearing in a puff of apathy after promising up, down and center to help us help others, we could do these.

But … Well, let me put it this way:   *POOF*

We do not ask for donations, we only need our travel expenses covered because we believe so much in what we do and have seen such amazing results in those we have worked with.

But it’s simply not enough.

One of the worst parts of having to cancel seminars is having to disappoint those people who did take the time and effort to register. It’s not fair to them. And it is tragic and frustrating that we can’t help them and work with them when this happens. They deserve better. And we’ve decided that this is the last time we ever want to do this to anyone who really wanted to come to our seminars.

So. We’re done.

No more public seminars. No more private seminars. No more seminars. Period.


Summer Solstice Warrior Weekend – June 20-22, 2014

Newburyport, Massachusets

The Summer Solstice Warrior Weekend with Duncan O’Finioan and Miranda Kelley will be held the weekend of June 20-22 in beautiful Newburyport, Massachusets (near Boston). Although this is a private event, we are able to accept a few additional attendees.

If you are interested in attending this gathering, please contact us at duncanandmiranda [at] yahoo D0T com. The registration fee is $350.00 for the weekend, which includes Friday afternoon and all day Saturday and Sunday.

What We Do at Our Gatherings

We work with psychically and energetically gifted individuals, many of whom are not yet aware of their full potentials, or who are aware and ready to move to the next level in developing them. And don’t worry — if you are drawn to this seminar, even if you don’t think so, you are meant to be there and on a soul level ready and able to do this very special work.

Our goals at our gatherings are to train you to become more well rounded in an area that few people are even aware of but which provides you with a tremendous edge in all aspects of your life. This is why we combine many different disciplines to help you discover and become more comfortable with the truth of your own energy skills, healing abilities, psychic abilities, and use of psychic protection to name a few. There will also be an emphasis on martial arts training which a powerful and physical way to combine and manifest many of these skills.

Tools You Will Work With

Bokkens – Bokkens are wooden training swords. These exercises are great for strength training, breath control and self-defense.

Martial Arts (karate, Aikido) – What we teach is no fluffy stuff!  We teach the basics of punching, kicking, blocking and evading along with threat assessment.

Energy Work – This is done as a group, with a partner and one on one with us. We teach how to use energy to push an attacker. Along with that is energy control, how to pull energy into yourself and use energy in your daily life to improve it overall.

Crystal Work – Learning how to use crystals for protection and manipulating energy and healing. We also teach defense against psychic attack, how to recognize the attack and how to repel it. You’ve never used crystals like we use them — it is more simple, more rewarding, and more powerful and effective than is demonstrated with other disciplines.

Healing – This will be done as a group and one on one. We will work with healing energies in a way that allows you to experience both sending and receiving healing energy. Duncan will also work on each person individually, utilizing both his medical intuitive and healing abilities.

The Needs of the Many … Part II


The Needs of the Many … truly do outweigh the needs of the few … or the one. If more people understood this and lived by it, it would be a better world. But they don’t.

This will be my last blog post. We have things going on that take nearly all of our time. Important things. The site/blog will be used to update people on our seminars, like the one in June, and on other important issues. It will not, however, ever be used to talk about again what I am going to write about here … in this post.

Super Soldiers. I hate those two words. They have been used to describe so many Tom, Dicks, Casbolts, Harrys, Rinks, Spiers, Briggs, and Lewlews out there to make one want to vomit. It seems for far too many out there to get the label Super Soldier in the new, “alter” media, all they have to do is watch some movies, play a few video games, have a little pinprick inside the mouth, then put a good story together. Hell, some don’t even have to have a good story. The more “out there” is sounds, the more “they” like it.

Let’s break it down and have a little history lesson, shall we? Saturday night, Awake and Aware II. The year 2011. Right after the speakers’ roundtable. Right after I told Sean David Morton to shut his mouth on stage. Right after I tossed my microphone to Bill Ryan and walked off in total disgust. Miranda and I were met by … wait for it … wait … Lorien Fenton!

She then went into her speil about wanting to start a yearly conference for people like US. With the entire project being built around us. Big talk, right? Yeah … talk. So, OK. We said we would be interested. Even had Ms. Lorein in our home once to talk about it all. Well, it didn’t take long for flags to fly and colors to shine through.

One thing we were very blunt and forceful about at the start was this: This project was NOT to be about commercializing anyone. It was to be about GETTING OUT THE TRUTH OF THESE PROJECTS, and … here it comes. … WORKING TO STOP THEM!! Well, guess what happened. Yep that’s right. Our “input” was never wanted. Only our, NAMES. That ain’t never gonna happen. So, we told her, “See ya.” Yeah, she was a little pissed. OH, btw … we were going to do it for free.

Now, right after that we had the creation of the Former White Hat and Idylwild blogs. Which we all know now was none other the FRIEND of Ms. Fenton’s and Kerry Cassidy’s and Rev Radio … Michael Hemmingson! Who, as we all know, died of a broken heart.
Need proof? OK (Click on the link below or at the top of this post).

Whistleblower Radio With Kerry Cassidy guest Judy Byington – Child Abuse Recovery 1-31-14

Give the first, ohhh 30 minutes or so a good listen. It was these three — Hemmingson, Fenton and Cassidy, who are responsible for this entire Super Soldier bullshit free-for-all. It now seems that the last two are doing their best to distance themselves from the original people they themselves brought into the public eye. Sorry guys. You made that bed. Your just gonna have to sleep in it.

Look, I am in no way saying that everyone out there who says they were/are in one of these project is lying. Some actually were. ‘Bout 1 out of a 100. The rest are either on far to many meds, or just outright bullshitters. Yes, I know. Most of them say the same thing about me. One big difference. I prove myself, and so does Miranda and so does John Stormm and a VERY small other few.

It seems that the three out there causing the most … uhhh … noise are James Casbolt, James Rink and some guy named Donald Marshal. I don’t know Marshal, so no comment. However, James and James … yeah … we know each other.

Let me take Rink first. You watch too many movies, Rink, and bub, you don’t regress anyone! If you had had ANY experience in just one of these damn projects you would know that this is something you should never do! But you don’t, do you? So all you do is mouth and lie. Like telling people I was attacking you while you where trying to talk onstage at the first super spud get together. Really, Rink? Then telling people Miranda was attacking your grandmother? What’s next? I sneaked into your house and stole your toilet paper? You need to get a life.

Now, before I move on the the ringleader, I have something to say. I know full well this is going to piss off a hell of a lot of people. Guess what, I don’t care. It is what it is. I have been accused of threatening people, anyone who doesn’t believe me. Horseshit! I don’t make threats. But I will tell you this. If I promise someone something, I will walk through fire to keep that promise. Whether it’s to help someone, or stomp a mudhole in their ass. I keep a promise. I am not a light worker. Neither am I “dark.” I AM Grey. I have a job to do here that requires me to walk the middle. I don’t expect many to understand this. It just is what it is.

Now, Casbolt. Or Prince or Angel Mikey oh hell who knows. History lesson!! Years ago, before Casbolt went on Coast to Coast AM with George “the former Navy Intel guy” Noory — Casbolt was calling ME! From England!! For information!! How do you all like that! Well, by the third call I put his ass to a test. I made up this crap about “them” wrapping my legs and body with duct tape and pulling it off. Total crap! Never happened. But he said, “Yeah, yeah … they did that to me too! Just like that!” HAHA!! No, they didn’t. Don’t feel too bad Casbolt, Miranda and I test EVERYONE who contacts us with a story.

OK … let’s end this. Writing this is making me want to vomit. The moral of this story is that a small handful of people in the “alter” media put a group of bullshit artists together in the hopes of selling tickets, books, videos and making money — the truth be damned. There is sooo much more I could add to this. But I really see no point. Some people like the wayyy out there stories these guys talk. Hell, they may even get off on them, I dunno. But not us. Not US!!

Miranda and I didn’t go public to be part of this crazy ass bullshit. We went public to tell the truth about what happened to us, and MORE importantly, what is STILL happening to thousands of children in this world TODAY!! But that mission get overshadowed by these abovementioned people’s crap.

They never talk about helping anyone, do they? About stopping the abuse and killing of children, do they?

Hear this: Truth is like granite. No matter how much wind, or water or time, goes up against it, IT STILL STANDS! And Miranda and I are two of the most stubborn people you have EVER known.

One last thing before I stop. I offered to set up a three day weekend in a friend of ours dojo to test all of these super soldiers. NOT ONE would do it.

Think about it …

The Needs of the Many Outweigh the Needs of the Few. Or the One.

I wonder how many out there truly understand those words.

The needs … of the many …

That means everyone. Not just the ones who you or I would like to choose.

It means people you love, as well as people who hate and despise you. It means giving of yourself, you, all of you, for the needs of the many. Sounds simple enough, doesn’t it? Just be willing to give EVERYTHING for the many. Including you life when called to. Not so simple now, is it?

I made such an agreement a very long time ago. I agreed to give my all for the needs of the many, the ‘all’. That included happiness, money, having a home, and very few people who give a damn. It also includes my life.

OK. I made the agreement of mine own free will, knowing full what it all meant. I could live with it. Have lived with it. Then, the other day, whilst standing at the grave of a very old, very trusted friend and teacher, it all came together for me.

Br. Bruno was one of us. He fought the darkness and the nasties to try and make this world a better and safer place for the many. Few people will ever know this. Even fewer will give a damn.

The needs of the many.

Just as Bruno had sworn the oath years before, so did I do the same. I pledged my life to the many. I thought I had it all figured out. Guess maybe I hadn’t.

As I stood there at his grave, all the years of loneliness hit me like a Mack truck. All the years of being left out of life because of the oath, to give to the many. Even those who despise you and wish you dead.

The time for the final giving is nearly at hand. Some might think I fear it. No. I welcome it. I’m tired.

Yes, this is all going somewhere.

I’m not the only one to swear this same oath. Miranda swore the same, as did several others. I have had the honor to work with a very few of them. Very special people indeed. Who will give their lives, so that you readers will have a fighting chance. Again I say, I welcome it.

Then, there are those out there doing everything they can to make a buck off of others’ pain and suffering. No, I’m not talking about lawyers. I’m talking about those people who are making claims of being “super soldiers” and the altview media who promote them.
One word for the entire lot of you … shame.

You go to conferences set up just for you. Just to spread your bullshit, and for the promoters and altermedia to make a quick buck. Never mind that so many of them have been proven fake time and time again — these promoters just keep shoving them onto a stage. I mean, according to some of them, they’re out saving the world every night and killing as many as twenty ‘bad guys’ at a time. Makes me wonder where they find the time to do these talks.

Talks. That’s all most of it is from the majority of them. Just talk. Not one of these “men” could walk in one of Bruno’s shoes. Or any of the other men and women I know, and have known, who have given the oath to the “Many.”

“The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few, or the one.”

Walking that road is very lonely. It eats at you day after day. It means fighting things you can’t speak about most of the time. It means standing strong for others, even when you just need to be held yourself. It means fighting the battles for others when they don’t have the means to fight. It means walking into the fire for others and having no fear of being burned. Even if sometimes those you gave your all for end up hating you. You do it anyways, never asking for their friendship or love in return. Never asking for anything in return.

If you’re reading this and thinking I’m pissed, I am. I’m mad, I’m pissed, I’m hurting and I’m tired.

And I’m done for tonight.
Pt. 2 I am going to take this entire “super soldier” bullshit apart.
Hate me, please. It makes things much easier.