The Needs of the Many Outweigh the Needs of the Few. Or the One.

I wonder how many out there truly understand those words.

The needs … of the many …

That means everyone. Not just the ones who you or I would like to choose.

It means people you love, as well as people who hate and despise you. It means giving of yourself, you, all of you, for the needs of the many. Sounds simple enough, doesn’t it? Just be willing to give EVERYTHING for the many. Including you life when called to. Not so simple now, is it?

I made such an agreement a very long time ago. I agreed to give my all for the needs of the many, the ‘all’. That included happiness, money, having a home, and very few people who give a damn. It also includes my life.

OK. I made the agreement of mine own free will, knowing full what it all meant. I could live with it. Have lived with it. Then, the other day, whilst standing at the grave of a very old, very trusted friend and teacher, it all came together for me.

Br. Bruno was one of us. He fought the darkness and the nasties to try and make this world a better and safer place for the many. Few people will ever know this. Even fewer will give a damn.

The needs of the many.

Just as Bruno had sworn the oath years before, so did I do the same. I pledged my life to the many. I thought I had it all figured out. Guess maybe I hadn’t.

As I stood there at his grave, all the years of loneliness hit me like a Mack truck. All the years of being left out of life because of the oath, to give to the many. Even those who despise you and wish you dead.

The time for the final giving is nearly at hand. Some might think I fear it. No. I welcome it. I’m tired.

Yes, this is all going somewhere.

I’m not the only one to swear this same oath. Miranda swore the same, as did several others. I have had the honor to work with a very few of them. Very special people indeed. Who will give their lives, so that you readers will have a fighting chance. Again I say, I welcome it.

Then, there are those out there doing everything they can to make a buck off of others’ pain and suffering. No, I’m not talking about lawyers. I’m talking about those people who are making claims of being “super soldiers” and the altview media who promote them.
One word for the entire lot of you … shame.

You go to conferences set up just for you. Just to spread your bullshit, and for the promoters and altermedia to make a quick buck. Never mind that so many of them have been proven fake time and time again — these promoters just keep shoving them onto a stage. I mean, according to some of them, they’re out saving the world every night and killing as many as twenty ‘bad guys’ at a time. Makes me wonder where they find the time to do these talks.

Talks. That’s all most of it is from the majority of them. Just talk. Not one of these “men” could walk in one of Bruno’s shoes. Or any of the other men and women I know, and have known, who have given the oath to the “Many.”

“The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few, or the one.”

Walking that road is very lonely. It eats at you day after day. It means fighting things you can’t speak about most of the time. It means standing strong for others, even when you just need to be held yourself. It means fighting the battles for others when they don’t have the means to fight. It means walking into the fire for others and having no fear of being burned. Even if sometimes those you gave your all for end up hating you. You do it anyways, never asking for their friendship or love in return. Never asking for anything in return.

If you’re reading this and thinking I’m pissed, I am. I’m mad, I’m pissed, I’m hurting and I’m tired.

And I’m done for tonight.
Pt. 2 I am going to take this entire “super soldier” bullshit apart.
Hate me, please. It makes things much easier.

Duncan O’Finioan: CERN|Darkworld

Randy Maugans with Duncan O’Finioan – recorded 03-12-2014

Duncan O’Finioan: CERN|Darkworld(Complete 30m 28s) -  Right click to download MP3 audio

cern-darkworld1The movie, “Thor: The Dark World”depicts parallel aspects Duncan’s predictions about the CERN LHC being used as a portal to bring in dark entities from other dimensdions.
•The grand convergence  and what is called the “galactic center”;
•CERN=the aether in Thor.
•The vampiric Dark Elven race.
•The origin of the Dark Elven race after a civil war split the Elven world into a lower dimension.
•Earth is Midgard, a strategic realm as a “jump room” for accessing the other eight realms (dimensions)
•We also riff off into current events and the state of humanity’s overall consciousness…

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Music: “The Displacement of Time” – The Alien Mike ET

The Furious Guitar by The Alien Mike ET  Creative Commons by-nc-sa 1.0 license, Available at:

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Back From Phoenix

It’s taken longer than usual for us to post a seminar follow-up article – after the amazing Phoenix seminar, we had three jobs back to back in various locations, and two of them were sort of last minute. But we’ve found with the types of things we deal with (shagnasties and whatnot), they are very bad about sticking to any kind of schedule. I know — evil, right?

It was a great weekend in Phoenix (despite a surprise sprinklering at one point) — the weather was gorgeous and we had a small but fantastically committed group of people to work with. We were able to focus on each individual a lot more with the work we all did, which was really nice. On Sunday we trudged up to a beautiful mounded rock formation near the botanical gardens which sort of called out to us and did some incredibly powerful healing work there. It was beautiful, and the energies of the area as we had surmised were extremely strong and accommodating and allowed us to push a lot more than usual into the process which led to some great results.

So thank you to our wonderful participants in Phoenix – you are all amazing and we loved working with you!

Phoenix Seminar Coming Up – Oh, the Energies!



Just a reminder that our Phoenix Energy and Healing Seminar is coming up soon – February 21-23, to be exact. If you’re interested in attending, please click here for more information and to register.

This event will be a little different than the other ones we have done, due to the nature of the energies that exist in Phoenix – there’s some really powerful stuff to draw on there, which will be particularly great for when we do the intensive healing work, both group and individual. It will give us all quite a boost!

Because Phoenix is such a power source, there has historically been quite a bit of competition among both negative and positive groups duking it out, so to speak, to harness the energy. This creates an underlying vibe of chaos that those of you who are sensitive might have picked up on if you’ve been there. But remember, it’s all about intent when working with energy, which is definitely one of the things we will cover at the seminar. It should be interesting!

Thank You to Our Wall Crackers!

Missing children rescued from Super Bowl sex trade in FBI sting

FBI: Missing kids forced into Super Bowl prostitution rescued


Thank you thank you! It is with overwhelming gratitude that we post this. A crack team (ok, that was a really bad pun) of several of you managed to jump all over this issue we posted about here and started a campaign of letters, calls, emails, and flooded a few official Facebook pages to get the word out about putting a stop to the underage sex trafficking, both at the Superbowl and in general.

You guys were amazing. Thank you.

We are not under the illusion that legislation is going to change anything, except probably to make things worse. But people need to understand something – this isn’t about legislation, this is about the issue itself.

It’s a start.

And it’s about an opportunity — one they gave us themselves by letting the news leak out into the public eye juuuust a little bit — to start raising a huge clamor and making some noise. They opened the door just a little and the issue of underage sex trafficking and slavery snuck out into the mainstream with this whole Superbowl business. This forced them to do something, because there was too much attention and outcry about it. That’s how this works.

If you read the articles linked to at the top of this post, you will see that their hand was forced, and in order not to look bad and raise even more questions, they had to take some action. Not a lot, not nearly enough, but it’s something. Sixteen children ages 13 to 17 were rescued from sexual slavery.

We’re going to keep pushing and widening that crack in the wall. More soon. – D&M

A Crack in the Wall

This is the hardest thing we have ever sat down to write, but also in our minds at least, the most important. This blog post will be in two parts. The first part concerns, or should concern, everyone who reads it. The second part concerns only a few. If you are offended easily, we advise you to turn back now.

Yesterday we were made aware of this video.

For anyone reading this who has not seen this, go now, then come back. There is a piece of legislation being put forth in the House of Representatives by Texas congressman Ted Poe. Ladies and gentlemen, do you realize what this is? Do you now know what we have before us?

We finally have a crack in the wall. A wall that so many of us have been trying to knock down for so many years. It now has a crack. This is an opportunity. This is a gift. And the two of us are not going to let this gift go unused.

Congressman Poe has opened the door for us. Whether knowingly or not. Let’s take full advantage of this. The good Congressman’s phone number in Washington, D.C. is 202.225.6565.

Miranda and I have never asked anyone for much of anything. Until now. If any of you reading this feel as strongly about the trafficking, the rape, the torture and the murder of these innocent children — if you give a damn at all — blow his phone lines out. This needs all the support it can get. With a crack, comes a weakening. With a weakening, we can begin to crumble that wall.

This subject matter above all that we deal with, have dealt with, or ever will deal with, is paramount for us. We know all too well from firsthand experience what these children go through, From personal experience to witnessing and viewing the aftermath.

People have written us in the past many, many times. What can we do to help? This is it. We are asking — spread this as far and wide as you can. Call this Congressman’s office. Voice your support. Spread the links that we have put in this post everywhere you can. Spread this blog post everywhere you can. If we cannot defend, protect, and avenge our innocents, what rights do we have to ask for anything?

We believe this cause right here, right now, in this very moment, should take precedence over screaming for UFO disclosure. It should take precedence over our own comfort and sense of well-being.  So with that said, we are issuing a challenge to everyone out there in the mainstream media and the alternative media. Get with this.

This is something we should all be behind. Try for one week to stop working on asking for donations for your next safari trip, or raising money to add a million dollar wing on your already multi-million dollar house, or yelling for people to buy your latest DVD because you have to have it.

I will state it again. If we can not protect, defend, and avenge the fallen innocent, what good are we as a race?


Part 2 – Oh Gods, Here We Go Again

The second part to this post is something we have avoided for far too long. And we feel it’s time we finally spoke our piece about it.

As I am sure most everyone out there who knows anything about us knows, there are several other men and women out there claiming to be “Supersoldiers”. And let me state for the record one more time — I detest the term Supersoldier. We are not comic book characters, nor are we fiction in a movie.

First, here is a copy/paste taken from James Rink’s Facebook page.

James Rink According to Jay Essex Duncan O’finioan is 15% negative however the project he was in targeted soldiers who had psychic gifts and low IQ. They would then ramp up their aggression which when triggered would turn them into nasty people. SO basically whats going on in his mind is ” I am the REAL SUPER SOLDIER” HOW DARE ANY OF YOU CHALLENGE THAT and sadly hes too dumb to see any other point of view. Anyway his wife Miranda is 45% negative and a dark soul and im sure she plays her role in triggering mr fanin. Eventually the military realized taking stupid soldiers and ramping up their aggression was a bad idea so now they use genetic engineering and the rest is history.
14 hours ago · Like · 2


First, let’s take the statements made by Rink and someone named Jay Essex. As I am sure you have read above, he says that I am 15 percent negative with a very low IQ. Really. Where did you come up with that B.S.? He goes on to say that he knows what I’m thinking, claiming that in my mind I am saying: “‘I am the REAL SUPER SOLDIER” HOW DARE ANY OF YOU CHALLENGE THAT’” and that sadly I am “too dumb” to see any other point of view.

Wow. Tremendous love and light there, guys. But let’s get to the part that really has me angry beyond anything Rink or Essex could begin to comprehend. Rink and Essex go on to say this:

Anyway his wife Miranda is 45% negative and a dark soul and im sure she plays her role in triggering mr fanin. Eventually the military realized taking stupid soldiers and ramping up their aggression was a bad idea so now they use genetic engineering and the rest is history.

Rink, if you cared about anyone other than yourself and your ego, you would understand my anger at this blatant, bald-faced lie. But this isn’t the first time you have publicly written and stated lies about us. Let’s go back in time (something you claim to know a lot about) . . .

The Awake and Aware conference 2. You stated in writing and in interviews that after Miranda and I did our Friday night talk, you came up and tried to talk with me but I refused. That is a lie. Here is the fact: I did see you making your way through the crowd. I turned to answer a question that was being asked o me by someone. When I turned back around, you were gone. I apologize if I didn’t drop on both knees in your presence.

Second point of fact — you were using my name in your taglines for your YouTube videos. I wrote you, and I was even nice, and asked you to please stop doing this. You did not respond. Then I wrote on one of your videos asking again for you to stop. You didn’t seem to care about that, only about what I thought of your video. Hell, I told Chuck Norris to his face one of his movies stank.

Point of fact three – At the first “Supersoldier” conference, you stated that you were told that I was attacking you psychically, and that was why you were having such difficulty speaking. A blatant lie. I have no clue why you were having trouble speaking. Then you go one to say that Miranda was a “dark witch” and was psychically attacking … your grandmother. Mr. Rink. Really? You have a serious problem. And I have a serious problem with you. Not only for the lies that you have stated about Miranda and myself, but also for your B.S. regressions you do on people via phone and Skype.

You may be able to fool a lot of people out there, but you can’t fool us. I really could care less about your claims of being taken at night, put in an avatar body, growing scales, hair, lizard’s teeth, snake’s teeth, or a tail, and saving the world, the universe — hell, none of that matters to us. What does matter is what you are doing to some of these people out there. Let me ask you a very serious question. Yes, I know, I’ve asked it before and you’ve always refused to answer. But I’m going to do it again. What are you going to do when you finally try this crap on a real MK ULTRA victim? And you trigger them, and they kill someone, and probably themselves? Will you take responsibility for that? Because, Rink, you will be responsible. I have listened to some of your so-called regressions of people, and it never ceases to amaze me how they all get turned to make you look good. And you know what I’m talking about.

You have lied and slandered Miranda and myself for no other reason than to bolster your ego. But I have a way to fix this. Being that you seem to be the new leader of this so-called supersoldier group (we all know what happened to Casbolt), I have a challenge for all of you. Now before I put that challenge out, let me say this: I don’t know most of you. But I think it’s time the wheat was separated from the chaff, because there are far too many men and women out there who watch sci-fi movies, read too many comic books, and play too many video games, claiming to have gone through what we went through. We know full well we are not the only ones. We have never made that claim. Point of fact – we are in contact with several of them. So let’s move on to this challenge.

We have a friend who lives in Northern California with one of the best karate dojos in the country, and we have full access to it. What I am proposing is everyone gets together at that location for about five days. Let’s test the physical. Let’s test the mental. Let’s test the psychological. Let’s do an IQ test. Let’s test marksmanship, endurance, and so on and so on. Oh — before I forget — let’s also take a polygraph test. And this means ALL of us, myself included. We know and are friends with martial arts instructors, psychology professors, college professors — we have the people and the means to do this. And yes, we also have the means to test anyone out there claiming to be remote viewers, and we have the means to test people who claim they only do things when they are “pulled out”. No one gets a free ride. This B.S. has gone on long enough.

Yes, Rink, I’m an asshole. Ask anybody who knows me. But there’s something else they’ll tell you. I’m a stand up asshole. What I am on Monday, I am on Sunday. I don’t change in between. I don’t bullshit anybody. And I and Miranda are exactly who and what we say we are. Let’s see how many others are willing to prove the same.

In my mind, Rink, the only thing “super” about you is your ego. And finally, to you, Jay Essex, I have this to say: Ego autem te cognovi, domine cecidissent. Non me decipiat tuam mendacium. Si quaeris provocatio, accipio.

Time to put up or shut up, boys and girls. What are you going to do?

MK ULTRA Survivors’ Letter

In our line of work, an important distinction needs to be made — between those who seek fame and notoriety … and those who seek justice.

Those who seek fame and notoriety look only to aid themselves. Those who seek justice do so to aid all.   - D&M


If justice is what you seek, then please help us. We are re-posting the letter we sent out a few years ago entreating the various governments of the world and other organizations to address the subject of children being used, tortured, and abused in black government projects.

These projects will not stop unless enough voices are raised in protest against them. Demand investigation, demand transparency, demand that these groups acknowledge and cease these projects immediately. Please feel free to contact your senators, congresspeople, newspapers, and whomever else you feel need to know about this.

We are again hoping that this letter gets widely distributed and is seen by many people. When we sent it out to everyone listed below, we got zero response. Not even the usual “Thanks For Your Feedback” auto-generated email.

We can’t do this alone, but don’t do it for us – do it for yourselves, your families, and your own children who are currently living in a world which allows and sits quietly by while children are abused by the same governments you pledge allegiance to.

Please distribute far and wide:

President of the United States Barack Obama
Secretary General of the United Nations Ban Ki-Moon
United States Congress
United States Senate
United States House of Representatives
Respective Governments of Great Britain, Australia, Canada, France, Russian
Federation, Amnesty International
Greetings from the Survivors of Project Talent.

We, the survivors of MK ULTRA and all of its sub-projects — Project Talent being
one of them — are coming to you, the leaders of the free world, for redress. We
request immediate action on this matter, as we have waited long enough for our
respective governments to take notice of the torture that was illegally and secretly forced upon us as children by the same said governments. In addition:

  • We ask for acknowledgement of all that was done to us, both as children and adults, by the governments who committed these illegal acts against us, as well as recognition of duties that we performed for our respective countries in the name of freedom and national security.
  • We request our files be shown to us.
  • We request a transparent, cohesive and public investigation into all of the black projects that fall under the umbrella of MK ULTRA.
  • We request apologies from same said governments for being used illegally and for the tortures we were forced to endure.
  • We request face to face meetings with the highest officials of our respective countries in order to discuss this matter on a personal level.
  • We request Congressional hearings in the United States to address this subject.
  • And finally, we request that all black projects which use children cease immediately.

We feel this is very little to ask in lieu of what was done to us, and what is still being done to us.

You, the abovementioned, are the leaders of the free world. Please stand up and
act like it.

The torture of children can in no way ever be condoned by any country for any
reason. It is our highest wish to have a public announcement that these projects
using children will be stopped.

We respectfully await your replies, if any. We and others have contacted various
government leaders separately in the past and have never once received a reply.
Is this the way governments of the free world react to people like us?

Thank you,
Duncan O’Finioan, Miranda Kelley

And the People of Project Talent

Just Fed the Hell Up!

OK … Hey … Bad night.

I was in one of my “safe zones”, when upon leaving, I was attacked by a Nasty. This Nasty’s tongue was about two feet long and it had very sharp teeth. I won, OK. I really don’t like to lose.

Then I get back, sign on to Facebook, and see this.

I think about all those out there, wanting to be super this, and super that … while THIS is happening in the world! THIS, this crap, is what Miranda and I have been talking about and fighting about for years!

While you so called “truth seekers” are out there looking to “ascend”…THIS SHIT GOES ON! How can any of you, call yourselves SUPER anything, when CHILDREN have to FIGHT to feed themselves and their families???


How can you sit comfortably in your mansions, paid for by “donations” while this goes on??


I’m ashamed of us all.

We all talk a good fight, but, so very few of us, actually fight the good fight.

Miranda and I have a group of people who are so close to our hearts, it seems all our hearts beat as one! These people are under attack and some of them have had attempts made on their lives. I just don’t don’t know what more to say about this.

Just that — wake up. It’s here.



Let it be known:

Miranda and I are not part of any group, except the GREY WALKERS, and that any use of our material on websites, in books or any other forms of media is NOT allowed, except for interviews we have done. Excluding Project Camelot, which we have contacted many times to REMOVE any and ALL interviews and videos of us from the public.

Much more to follow…..