Moving Away from MK

Talking about the horrors of MK ULTRA is like throwing week old fish guts into someone’s face. No one wants to hear about it. The subject is heartrending, painful, and shocking to the point that most people shut down mentally and emotionally a little bit upon hearing details about it. Either that or they deny any of it is true, largely because (a) they don’t want it to be true and (b) if they accepted it as the truth it would require them to change their entire world view and  belief about what is really happening on the planet. We get that.

So, as of today, we wanted to let everyone know that we will no longer be talking publicly about MK ULTRA and our experiences in the projects. This decision was, frankly, years in the making and not decided upon without some serious thought and soul searching.

Why are we doing this? For several reasons. One, our stories and information are out there for people to reference, albeit buried by the mainstream and alternative media and surrounded by a fair amount of pseudosupersoldiers trotted out to discredit us. So be it. It’s there for those with discernment to find.

Secondly, we feel that getting this information out and trying to stop these projects needs to be humanity’s goal, not just ours. Sadly, the groundswell of individuals who should have held people responsible and gotten this sort of thing stopped has never materialized. A small group of people can indeed change the world, but a nonexistent one can’t.

For these and other reasons, we are now closing this chapter of our lives permanently. No drama, no anger, no tearful recriminations, just the firm belief that this is an appropriate decision for us. We’re done.

So this is our goodbye for now — we’ll be moving out of the public eye for some time. We’ve still got work to do and we are still totally committed to being of service to humanity — just in a different way. We may be back to tell you about it in the not too distant future — we just didn’t want to disappear without letting you know and explaining some things first.

Our thanks goes out to all those who supported us and more importantly our message. Please take care of yourselves and each other in the most loving and kind way, always.