Winter’s Knight


Winter’s Knight – a poem by John Rossi

Eternal solitary vigil, my sentence to serve
This do I keep, as spectral guardian
Of locale too long shrouded, clad within mist and memory
Rarely beheld by mortal eyes
Appearing once per year to caution, to relate the tale
Of my own fate

From greyest clouds above descending, I come to stand
Setting foot once more upon beloved soil
Ebonshire, my adored sanctuary, treasured above all others
To cast tenderest glance once more upon you
And implore your sons and daughters
Beware meeting my own fate
For this alone have I come again, as I always will
Until this land is never more beholden of human eyes

Brisk wind soothing me, as lover’s caress once did
Snow cascading from the heavens, tiny frigid ivory floral petals
Descending as a blanket to cloak the earth in pristine peace
And shroud beloved glens in splendid radiance.

Yuletide memories come and gone
Drift across my mind, leaves upon the breeze
Ripples in the water of my memory, spreading ever out
Upon past solstices, tread these paths did I
Hand in hand, alongside the treasure of my heart
Alas no more can it be so

Fate is set, decree etched in the winds
Graven as an epitaph is in stone
No more can I find joy
Among my beloved home’s children
Only implore them I may,
That shadow which blankets me
Falls not down anon to cloak their dear and treasured hearts

Heed my call beloved ones
Count always blessings given
Take them not for granted
Treasure life, joy and love bestowed
And so avoid my fate of eternal solitude
Always will I relate my tale, and do all that I may to ensure
That none other among you must needs take upon themselves
My everlasting melancholy post… of Winter’s Knight


Off Planet Radio Interview – Darkside Wars Part II

Part 2 of the exclusive interview concludes the narrative of the Darkside Wars, the Gray Walkers, and connections between MKUltra, the Nazi quest for the “Aryan” race lines and the bloodlines of the Nephillim—with surprising twists:

Off Plant Radio Interview – Darkside Wars Part I

As the year 2014 fades, we enter a period of extreme events, which we have talked about on this show for over five years,. I call it “the eye of the needle”, Duncan says: “The flag has been dropped.” (Or, would it be the hammer of Thor?) We planned for this interview to be a statement of events, predictions, warnings, and useful information as things grow more intense.

Because of their ongoing involvement in The Gray Walkers, much of D&M’s information over the years has been highly limited, cryptic, and sometimes veiled. As we have continued to do interviews, more has been revealed. This interview features information never before discussed, and in great detail.

‘Tis the Season

Oh yes, it is that time of the year … again. The “holiday” season.
We’re told it is the time of giving. Peace on earth, good will towards all.
What a crock of crap.
It MIGHT interest some of you to know that more evil paranormal events, fights,
takeovers and more happen during this part of the year than any other.
I just wanted to put that out there. It ties in with what I have to say.
Think about this.
How low do you think, as a whole, society has fallen?
Think about it.
The past month should have shown most of you. The massacre of children.
More mothers killing their children. Sons and daughters killing their entire families,
and on and on it goes.
Here’s a little nugget that’s personal.
I found this comment. Read it for yourselves, then ask how low.
This guy was never a marine in his wildest imagination. He is a liar of the first order and should be shot. Well, except to say that I think he dies in July f 2014. This world and any marine active or former would be pleased to hear that a complete ass has left the building.

Not one shred of this entire video is true. Not from him, or this bozo sidekick with the long hair. And did you catch that physic blast into the TV? He said then that a physic blast just hit the house.

Unbelievable BULLSHIT. All of it.

Here is the link to the video:
Mr. WichitaMule … I have only one thing to say to you.
I forgive you.
Yes, that’s right. I forgive you.
You are like so many others out there. A product of today’s society. A very sad thing, it is.
I will, however, set the record straight about a couple of things.
Dave Corso was a Marine.
I saw many photographs from the ’60s and ’70s of Dave and others both in country and in the states.
I sat and listened when three men he served with came and sat at his table.
You wrote the above post of yours out of hate, and out of fear.
Like most people today, the real truth of events, past present and future are kept from you.
People are literally hooked up to IV’s and being forced fed the lies your leaders are pushing.
But even more evil, you have been programmed to respond exactly the way you did by those very same leaders.
You, and so, so many others out there, simply do not know any better.
So, Mr. WichitaMule, I forgive you for what you have said. As I do with ALL the rest as well.
We simply have too much to do, and so very little time in which to do it, to hate.
Luck be with ALL the WichitaMules out there.
You are going to need it.


Light Against Darkness

Imagine, if you can. Go back to your childlike innocence, and see this as it really is.

I want you to compare a soul, not just any soul, but a couple of souls that have been beaten on, crapped on, had so much dark magic hammered it at them that they almost — almost — look like a couple of broken snow globes.

Now, please imagine a dying, collapsing star — a sun.

What happens as that star collapses?

It begins to pull in up on it’s selves. Dragging all the darkness and dark matter with it.

Until the moment when it explodes. And when it does, it destroys all the darkness, all the dark energies, all of the dark matter … until all that is left is the light of a new star!

A new soul made whole again.

Get ready …



In the year 1960, three Nephilim nestled in the womb.

Through the power of creation they were born.
One was sent to live in riches,
One to a home of comfort.
One to live in poverty and pain.
Two chose the ways of darkness,
One chose the path of light and righteousness from creation’s origin.
The one found his soul mate from times beginning.
The two of the darkness joined against the two of the light.
So the war was begun, to be fought until the end,
Two from the light,
Two for the darkness,
Blood against blood, so shall it be …


Things are Getting Spooky …

Damn, I thought Halloween was over, cause I’m still seeing spooks! Oh, wait, I’ve always been able to see to see those things. Never mind. Boy, things are getting bad. Just as we said they would. And they’re only going to get worse.

Let’s start by setting the record straight on a few things. Nowadays, we are seeing a ton of so-called “experts” in Demonology, Exorcisms, the Occult, etc. Fact is most are full of crap. No, I am not going to get into mudslinging here. People can say what they want. It’s a free country. Well … okay, not a free country but, you know.

One of the biggest false teachings these experts are putting out is, “Demons are fallen angels.” Uh, no. Not just no, but hell’s no! A “fallen” angel is just that, a fallen angel. Not stripped of power, not transformed into hideous looking creatures, and they still shine light (all that glitters ain’t gold). And they are at war with the “standing angels.” However, fallen angels do have lesions of demons under their control and command, and they damn sure use them.

The second fallacy is that all nephilim are evil. Wrong. A nephilim is a human with angelic blood. Just as with every other race out there, there are good ones and there are those that are pure evil. And yes, they are very powerful and most are split on the whole right and wrong issue. Just like everything else out there.

I know there are those out there that say the nephilim died off with Noah’s flood. Well, the Bible says the “watcher angels” had sex with human women and the offspring were the half breeds — the nephilim. Incidentally, do you really think angels, both standing and fallen, ever stopped having sex with human women? Nope! Trust me on this, I know they haven’t.

Third, I will only touch this for now. The whole “meditating” thing of emptying your mind. Bad idea! Period. Meditating on something, i.e. utilizing a point of focus, works. But emptying the mind — no. You take a great risk of becoming a meat suit for something nasty. You create a vacancy where other things can come in and set up shop. This is a post in and of itself. We’ll work on it.

Lastly for now are the majority of those “ghost hunters” (ghost busters, ghost watchers et al), all over television these days. Most of them are nothing but pure bullshit. Example — several weeks ago I happened to find one. “They” (meaning the ghost hunters), supposedly had found a demonic entity in this woman’s house. OK. Their demonologist, their expert, simply sat, and in a soft, slow voice, told it quietly to leave in the name of Jesus. Bullshit! When you are facing a demon and forcing it to leave, it is a fight! One of the main reasons politely telling a demon to leave doesn’t work is because it’s not just about the words you say — it’s how you say them or, more to the point, the force of will that you put behind them. Most people (including so-called demonologists) do not know this. If you’re just saying the words and not understanding the process, it will not work.

You are not, I repeat, not going to just sit there and ask it to leave nicely! It don’t work that way! Never has, never will. I’ve been thrown from one end of a house to the other end by these bastards. Nearly had my right arm ripped off by another and on and on!

Also, let me point this out. Every one of these bastards you fight, and win (you’d better win, cause demons don’t take prisoners, they take souls), sooner or later, it will come after your ass. Count on that! This is not an easy job. It’s beyond dangerous. It’s dirty, it’s exhausting and a total pain in the ass. And once you step into it, there is no going back. Just doing it one time, you become marked. You get a target on your back and I promise you, you will never be the same again. You will never sleep for crap again, and the number of your friends will drop to single digits.

This is serious business, and something we never joke about or take lightly. It is, frankly speaking, about life and death. So, if you have a paranormal, supernatural, or demonic problem, and would like our help, you can contact us at finnbarxxx [at]hushmail d0t com. But only those problems, as we said, were done with everything else. Part 2 coming soon.