Tabloidism at Its Best … Then We’re Done

[Apologies to our regular readers -- we don't want to have to keep writing about this, and in this case, writing so profusely. This is a long post! However, it's important that we get this information out to the public and on record.]

I detest writing posts like this. Tabloid writing, yellow journalism etc. But there does come a time, by gods, when you just have to stand up and say “enough”. Now is the time it becomes necessary.

Dr. Michael Hemmingson, P.h.D. I could sit here for hours and type tabloid style, but that would make me like Hemmingson, something I most certainly am not! Ya see, I am not a sewer swimming, gutter crawling wannabe like him.Or the people who own/run that network he has his show on. Not like them at all.

If I may reflect for a moment, something here does sadden me. Posts like this get more hits than posts Miranda and I do about trying to help people. Oh well. What I am going to do here is paste Hemmingson’s “letter” to me that was sent several days ago. OK, it was a post he tried to put on a blog article we did but it’s addressed to me.
Just going to paste it and give my responses in italics.

But before I do that, there is a matter I want to address (Hey, it’s OUR blog and I can do what I want!! LOL). One of the biggest lies about me on the internet is that “I threaten people.” Especially people who “question” things about me. Nope, not so. We have said time and time again, we return in kind. Write us with respect, we answer with respect. Ya see, it’s a two way street. YOU want respect, YOU have to give it!

You don’t want to believe anything about us or what we have to say, that’s fine. No problem. But you write us, go on YouTube or anywhere else and write vulgar filth, tell me what you would do to me and then when I answer in kind, become pissed and start saying, “I threatened you.”

Horse crap! If you can’t take your words tossed back at YOU, don’t put them out there!
Here’s an example. Couple of weeks ago this “person” posted on my YouTube channel that I should kill myself. That I should put a shotgun to my neck and use my penis (he used another word), and use it to pull the trigger. I deleted it.This person then starts screaming I censored him. Get over it.

If YOU write me, threatening ME with violence and I tell you, “If you want some, come get some” — just come get some! Don’t make an even bigger ass of yourself by running and telling people that I threatened you.OK? Got that? Good.

Now, on to Hemmingson. Here is what he wrote to me:

000 approved

Submitted on 2013/12/04 at 10:38 pm

Someone just sent me this link. As usual, you never get anything right. Your low IQ shows like a neon sign, ‘Duncan.’

So, Hemmingson. You start off with insults as usual, and as usual, you try to impress others with your talk of other people having low IQs. Really, dude? Do you really believe you are floating in the clouds and high above everyone else? Hate to break it to you, but you ain’t. Not even close. For someone who claims to have a PhD, you’re not very bright. Plus, if having a PhD makes people like you, hell I’ll stay with my little GED.

Hemmingson, being that you and a few others are so hung up on “names”, let’s take a look at this from your Facebook Fan page:

How many names do you have?

Michael Hemmingson

How Many Pen Names Has Michael Hemmingson written under?

Take a guess….

Share · 28 July 2009 at 21:03[Name Withheld for Privacy]  Ok, I have 5 pen names so far, not counting “anonymous”!

  • Dr. Garth Mundinger-Klow, Paul Merchant, Don Elliott, Valerie Grey, Carter Brown, Jr.

    Are there more?

    1 August 2009 at 10:12

How many names do you have? So, am I to take it from your continuous accusations over names that only the great Michael Hemmingson can have multiple pen names? Let’s add Former White Hat to those pen names, shall we?


I have no idea what the weather is like in TJ because I am in Portland, where it is rainy and grey

Oregon, eh? Is that a location you know well? How do you afford that house in West Hollywood, a place in Mexico, and be able to travel as much as you do? You don’t have to answer, I’m just curious.


I never claimed you were a clone. A dupe, maybe, but not a clone. Who would waste the resources? There are better people to clone. I could carve a better twin out of a bananna [sic] from Belize.

Again, with the insults. Let’s just cut the crap, Hemmingson. You are a very large part of this B.S. known as Former White Hat and Idylwild Group. Everyone knows it. And we know why the entire thing was started in the first place.

Have you ever been to Belize? Did you join someone on a trip there a ways back in the past? Never mind, don’t answer.


What would I find at your seminar that is not seen at all these con dog and pony New Age shows? Yes New Age: crystals, energies, RV-ing, all found at New Age seminars. Is attendance that low because you need another $350 that bad? Hell, I can send you that and write it off on my taxes as charity for an inbred hillbilly ingrate (“Deliverance” music cues up). I will mention your plea–uh, invitation , though. Someday I may teach you how to really disarm a knife from someone.

What would you find out at one of our seminars? I don’t know, Hemmingson. It would depend on how hard you worked and your attitude. New age? Really. Guess you missed the memo on what I think of the so-called “New Age”. Crystals? What, you think the use of crystals is something new (and you call me low IQ)?

No, Hemmingson, I don’t need or want your money. You can come for free. RV-ing? Been around for as long as there have been people, dude. ‘Inbred hillbilly ingrate’? Ingrate about what? Is this a reference not to your own feelings for me, but perhaps someone else’s? Someone whose last name might be Cassidy? A relative, perhaps? After all, we have a recording of someone saying how much Cassidy needs the Former White Hat blog. Food for thought, right?

Inbred? Really, Hemmingson. Thought you had a PhD. So, you think I’m a hillbilly inbred? Is not your network owner where you have your radio show from Louisville, Kentucky? Are you calling your boss an inbred hillbilly as well? I would think someone who claims to be an anthropologist would have more respect for others’ cultures. Are we not in the 21st century? Have we not grown beyond this petty name calling? I guess not.

You’re going to teach me about using a knife? Hemmingson, I am the eternal student. I make no claim to be a master at anything. If you have knowledge, skills, or techniques that you think you could instruct me on, then by all means accept my invitation to come to a seminar and publicly instruct me. I am more than happy to oblige. After all, you did go through O.N.I. training years after I did. Maybe there have been some upgrades.


I am not associated with Michael Prince and what he does; although I do know he challenged you to a ring fight that you have backed down from, because you know he could take 3 of you (you plus 2 clones/twin brothers/half brothers). You claim you will meet anyone anywhere for a fight to prove yourself. He challenged you to come to England for a dual [sic]. Well?

I hate to belabor the point regarding your academic qualifications, but your inability to correctly spell “duel” is a mite concerning.

Moving on, now. Again, here you go with names. This ass clown’s name is James Casbolt. And I do believe you and others were very integral in his coming to this country and all that came afterward. Amazingly, Casbolt waits until he is deported back to England for a multitude of charges as I understand it — one of which is spousal abuse — to challenge me to a fight. Before moving on, this question needs to be answered. Is it Casbolt challenging for a fight, or is it you? Either way, my answer is a resounding yes. 

However, you must understand that, as the one being challenged, I have the right to name the stipulations. They are thus: This fight will take place in a regulation ring under MMA rules. It will be one round, and one round only. No time limit. Winner is by knockout or submission only. Regulation MMA hand gear and foot gear will be worn. and finally, as pertaining to this part of said challenge, when I win, I get you, Hemmingson, in the same ring immediately for five minutes. And if, for any reason, Casbolt cannot make it to this event, you must take his place.

Now, as far as the second part of this so-called challenge goes, “the duel”, you are aware, I’m sure, that duels are illegal in most countries. However, if that is desired so strongly, I will oblige. Again, as the one challenged, I have the right of choice. I choose bladed weapons. No quarter given. I trust you understand the implications of such. If you and Casbolt are truly serious about this, please locate a country where this is legal. Otherwise, shut up.


I would like to know more about how you trained Chuck Norris how to kick box at the CIA.


Yes, Hemmingson, I, too, would like to know how this could be possible. Unfortunately the fact is, it is not. It is a lie. Something you seem to do constantly. Like so many other things, you and others have said that I said, it is a lie.

The actual fact is I met Chuck Norris on three separate occasions. I trained in the Chuck Norris System which later became the United Fighting Art Federation. I taught the Chuck Norris System in my karate studio. Among several other disciplines of the martial arts. 

Let’s end this, Hemmingson. I am done with you. Please tell your bosses to deal with their own business. You are a sick person. I am not jesting. You have a serious mental condition and need help. You are a tool and a fool. You must need to use words to harm others to make you either feel important or to feel like a man. Look at what you write and talk about. Look at what you accuse me and others of doing. You do this, Hemmingson, because it is you that you are really writing and talking about. You have attacked me in an act of revenge against someone else (yes, I am well aware of who that person is).

You attack anyone and everyone who shows us any public support. Look at what you did to Kathy Buckalew. That was one of the most shameful acts from a man I have every read or heard. Is this behavior what you need to feel important? We are pasting what you wrote to Ms. Buckalew at the end of this post *.  What all you have written, you cannot run from.

To quote you, Hemmingson, from September 15th of this year, you said:

It is too easy to accuse someone of wrongdoing without facing the person you accuse. Whenever, in the past, someone has wanted to accuse or reveal something damning about someone I know, and they say, “But don’t tell him/her”, I said this, “Don’t tell them ir [sic] was me,” I know they are lying or have an ulterior motive for making the accusation, if they cannot make the claim to the person [emphasis mine].

Your words. You have made unfounded accusations towards me and what I teach at my seminars. You have told the most grotesque lies to ever be spoken. So I ask you. Will you stand by your own words? Will you be man enough to prove your accusations and your lies to my face? 

You did a radio show concerning me. You called me a snake oil salesman, a con, a drunkard, a buffoon, etc. You even brought on two guests, Lorien Fenton and James Rink. You know, James Rink, who sells his “neo cube”. Can we say ‘New Age’? The facts are, Hemmingson, this is personal. This has been nothing more than an act of revenge, at least in your mind. I am what I say I am. And I can damn well back it up. Are you willing to back up your words?

Now I’m going to finish this and you have a choice. Put up or shut up. With you doing your two radio shows over the past two weeks, you have brought your network into this. Multiple complaints have been lodged with IC3 and it is my understanding several more will be forthcoming.

Now, since you wanted to make this personal, let’s make this personal. What I have, you will never have. Nor could you ever understand. Miranda and I may not have two five dollar bills to rub together between us, but what we do have is the love we have for each other, the respect we have for each other, the trust we have for each other, and a handful of friends who love us as much as we love them. And more importantly, respect and trust us as much as we trust and respect them. These are things you will never understand.

A copy of this will be sent to your network and to others. Publicly, we are done. Whatever IC3 does is up to them. Good day.


[Two more pieces of reference material follow below. The first is text from a chatroom and the second is text from a Facebook conversation between Hemmingson and Kathy.]

The Timing of the Two Harassment Incidents of Kathy Buckalew

These comments below were made before and while Kathy Buckalew was on the air. They have been copied and pasted from the chatroom at the Truth Connections Radio website. They are profanity-laced and show extreme harassment and bullying towards Kathy. This has never happened to Kathy before, and only occurred for the first time the day after Hemmingson did his radio show where he spent a fair amount of time degrading and lying about Kathy on the air. Coincidence? We don’t think so.

WARNING: Extremely graphic language

YurakuLulz: I came
GlennSpeck: Hi Kathy.
tricesheridan7: Hi, Jeff and Kathy
oddunderheadunce: *elvesanta elvesanta*
jibbs_807: hi kathy truth
tricesheridan7: Hi, Lunester!
Ufofiend: jibblettos!
Kathy_TruthConnections: hi glenn,jibbs and trice and everyone!
jibbs_807: hi lunester
Ufofiend: i threw out my neck this week man it sucked feels better but still some pain
YurakuLulz: It’s normal
Ufofiend: to much vitamin P
YurakuLulz: Vitamin N
YurakuLulz: My nipples like gay men
YurakuLulz: and semen
Ufofiend: well don’t worry jibblettos im hear and im naked
YurakuLulz: SEMEN
abababbababaa: Heil Hitler.
YurakuLulz: SEMEN
Ufofiend: i just watched bonnie and clyde it was pretty good
jibbs_807: oh great
Ufofiend: hey trice
abababbababaa: Shieeeet
Ufofiend: tonight at COM we will be discussing Vampire Voodoo Magick via the Dark Arts
tricesheridan7: I agree, Joe!
oddunderheadunce: elvesantakelvesanta ,, raindeer barfups
Ufofiend: we are being trolled quick get the gatlin gun!
YurakuLulz: Stop PM’ing me, I dont want to download stuff
Ufofiend: ratatatatatataatatatataatatataatatatataatata
tricesheridan7: (( Jeff ))
abababbababaa: Problel solved
YurakuLulz: I R Semening atm
YurakuLulz: Kathy, Do you anal?
abababbababaa: THE WIKICLITS
abababbababaa: OMG
abababbababaa: ALYUNS
abababbababaa: ALYUNS
abababbababaa: ALYUNS
Kathy_TruthConnections: no you
abababbababaa: OMG
abababbababaa: ALYUNS IS KILL
abababbababaa: NO
YurakuLulz: YES!!!!
cosmic_crown: Joe
cosmic_crown: get rid of this guy
Ufofiend: anything to shake up our corrupt psychotic imbecile government is okay by me
Ufofiend: trice!
GlennSpeck: Eject, eject, eject…
jibbs_807: both of them
abababbababaa: omg
abababbababaa: omg
abababbababaa: omg
Kathy_TruthConnections: one of white hats boys i think..low vibing idiots
stephaniebennetti: I didnt log in as admin
YurakuLulz: Kathy, have you ever punched a child in the face?
abababbababaa: shieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet
abababbababaa: Fag
abababbababaa: No.
abababbababaa: PLS NO
abababbababaa: fgt
Ufofiend: SECURITY?!?!?!
abababbababaa: no
paranormal_radio_network: abababbababaa was bounced from the room by: paranormal_radio_network.
Kathy_TruthConnections: we got fucktoeards j
jibbs_807: aba and yuk
YurakuLulz: Dont kick you ficking faciast
YurakuLulz: Lame
YurakuLulz: Kathy…. Send me images of your gaping vagina
Kathy_TruthConnections: no one has to sit in your evil
YurakuLulz: .jpg if possible
Ufofiend: yura I will disembowel you and swallow your soul
Ufofiend: abababaaaba and yura
Ufofiend: i know the darkness like the back of my hand
Ufofiend: jojo yurakuluz needs to be booted
jibbs_807: please bounce him
Ufofiend: we are under attack by mongoloid asshats
jibbs_807: NOW
Ufofiend: ratatatatatatatatatatataatatatata
paranormal_radio_network: YurakuLulz was bounced from the room by: paranormal_radio_network.
Kathy_TruthConnections: lol
Kathy_TruthConnections: wtf
GlennSpeck: Sorry, Kathy.
Kathy_TruthConnections: pyi opps
tricesheridan7: Welcome to News on the Flipside with co-hosts, Stephanie Bennetti and Joe Montaldo, and also including segments: Sports with Chip Plescher; Technology and Science with Rob Clifford; and Global News with Trice Sheridan and Stephanie and Joe.
Kathy_TruthConnections: they been bugging me for 2 weeks
stephaniebennetti: super admin is back
Kathy_TruthConnections: bunch of girls
Kathy_TruthConnections: da da da!
MatterPatterns: thanks
Kathy_TruthConnections: i see stephanies the rescue
themanoftheman: Huehuehue
Don Joeh: freaky cold
themanoftheman: They see me trollin’ they hati’n
themanoftheman: shieet
themanoftheman: Ey tyrone
themanoftheman: Ey bebe want sum fuk?
themanoftheman: I shiggidy
GlennSpeck: Prepare your hammer, WW
themanoftheman: WE r anananamoose
themanoftheman: We dunt frgt
themanoftheman: Expect us
themanoftheman: lele
themanoftheman: e
Ufofiend: illuminaughty kung fu jesuit reptilians have been pestering me as of late
themanoftheman: Top lel
themanoftheman: DAAYUM NIGGUH
stephaniebennetti: themanoftheman was bounced from the room by: stephaniebennetti.
Ufofiend: i have no sound
Kathy_TruthConnections: dont hide behinf good anons, your a cloak wearing mason tool
stephaniebennetti: like we ned this tonight too lmao
Kathy_TruthConnections: stephanie..make sure you copy this chat log for me.
Kathy_TruthConnections: told ya
stephaniebennetti: just do file save
lololololo_13: Morinin’
lololololo_13: You just banned me
lololololo_13: And I’m back
lololololo_13: How does it feel?
lololololo_13: To chew 5gum?
lololololo_13: Can’t handle my swag
lololololo_13: Swigiddy swooty I’m coming for that booty
stephaniebennetti: lololololo_13 was bounced from the room by: stephaniebennetti.
Don Joeh: yes!
jibbs_807: alot of morons playing tonight
GlennSpeck: Okies can’t drive under any conditions.
stephaniebennetti: wtf is going on tonight
Don Joeh: here we go
imbacklel: And I’m back.
imbacklel: Can’t ban me.
imbacklel: We are anonmoose
imbacklel: we dun ferget
GlennSpeck: eject
imbacklel: we dun isksps
imbacklel: expect us
imbacklel: Ejecaulate?
stephaniebennetti: imbacklel was bounced from the room by: stephaniebennetti.
jibbs_807: f–kin idiot
Don Joeh: fastest bouncer in the east!
stephaniebennetti: lol

Conversation Between Michael Hemmingson and Kathy on Facebook

Kathy Buckalew commented on a link you shared.
Kathy wrote: “here is what i really said. :P Conversation started Wednesday Kathy Buckalew 11/12/2013 10:11 Kathy Buckalew ive never gone by kate so much for your 3rd eye and intel. leave me alone you parasite. Michael Hemmingson 11/12/2013 10:13 Michael Hemmingson who are you and what are you talking about? Kathy Buckalew 11/12/2013 10:14 Kathy Buckalew i see everything. 11/12/2013 10:18 Michael Hemmingson ah, you listen to Revolution Radio! Look, just because my voice comes out of your computer does not mean I am personally bothering you. This is the 4th message like this I got in the past week; reminds me of that woman who served David Letterman with a restraining order because she was convinced he was harrassing her out of her TV. I deal with enough crazies who listen to radio as it is who think I am following them or send drones at them or whatever. Please see your psychiatrist and pharmacist for whatever delusions may encumber you. Thank you. Kathy Buckalew 11/12/2013 10:19 Kathy Buckalew whatever dude, now be gone. having typed at you i feel dirty and need a salt bath and sage. Michael Hemmingson 11/12/2013 10:20 Michael Hemmingson I would not be surprised to hear that you have felt that way since you were 15. ..and PLEASE, ma’am, go take your medication and stop bothering me with your delusions. Kathy Buckalew 11/12/2013 10:25 Kathy Buckalew as i said, be gone…POOF PS YOUR SHOW SUCKS Michael Hemmingson 11/12/2013 10:40 Michael Hemmingson and yet I have 10x the listeners than your show does, and going satellite radio next month. I will talk about your “show” today, and other pathetic “hosts” out there, not on our network. radio hosts on anti-psychosis medication, etc. Kathy Buckalew 11/12/2013 10:42 Kathy Buckalew no you dont. but whatever makes your dick seem bigger. yu only talk about people cuse you have nothing else to say. i wont bother listening. Michael Hemmingson 11/12/2013 10:44 Michael Hemmingson Hmm…let’s see…27 servers international, 15 FM stations, I Heart Radio and soon 360 Live…yes, I have a larger audience base than small beans like you. I have seen my stats. Kathy Buckalew 11/12/2013 10:45 Kathy Buckalew i have also seen mine. i will tell joe you think his station is shit, im sure he will love talking about you live. Michael Hemmingson 11/12/2013 10:46 Michael Hemmingson His station is more than shit; it is a mound of multiple farm animal feces. How many servers does he need to handle listeners? One? From his bedroom? Kathy Buckalew 11/12/2013 10:47 Kathy Buckalew please shut the fuck up before i block you Michael Hemmingson 11/12/2013 10:47 Michael Hemmingson You’re on Blog Talk Radio. You have to PAY to be on the air. What a joke. You are a joke. Kathy Buckalew 11/12/2013 10:48 Kathy Buckalew far from it, the guest i have had on..please. you couldnt shine their shoes. Michael Hemmingson 11/12/2013 10:50 Michael Hemmingson Your guests are the same people that 300 other shows have on. Same people, same info, same bullshit, anyone can do it. You don’t even have a face for radio, your voice is irritating and sounds like five dead cats in the last mew of life in the dirtiest animal shelter in the armpit of the world. Michael Hemmingson 11/12/2013 10:51 Michael Hemmingson sorry for the over indulgence in prepositions. Kathy Buckalew 11/12/2013 10:51 Kathy Buckalew hahaha that is hilarious Michael Hemmingson 11/12/2013 10:52 Michael Hemmingson a barrel of monkeys and true, indeed. Kathy Buckalew 11/12/2013 10:54 Kathy Buckalew will make sure duncans attny gets a copy of this as well. peace out dirty freak. Michael Hemmingson 11/12/2013 10:55 Michael Hemmingson I just did a google on your skanky butt…I see the Former White Hat group has written about you. Is this what you were referring? You are barking up the wrong vine, dude. I am not FWH despite the delusions of some out there. I WAS with the White Hats Report, somethig different and what people get confused about. I know the five people behind FWH but I am not one of them, sorry….and Duncan’s attorney is all in his mind. Seeing that Dunca does not exist and a fictional name cannot be legally slandered, you idiot. Kathy Buckalew 11/12/2013 10:56 Kathy Buckalew then put it to bed with proof i dont hurt anyone who isnt a mean bully andi wouldnt waste air time speaking about you. Michael Hemmingson 11/12/2013 11:01 Michael Hemmingson Kate/Kevin, whoever or whatever you are –and no I do not believe what the FWH Group write about you, they just like to poke fun at people — you could not hurt a flea if you tried; you have the IQ of a speed bump and the personality of road kill, and the voice of an orangutan in the ass of an elephant…if you look at the first few posts of FWH it is pretty obvious who is behind it. Who is drumming up publicity for themselves, who two days after it was put online goes on Sean Mortons show to rail about it? A hint: Tokyo. I bet you are jealous of Kerry Cassidy, too, as many other female and “female” hosts out there are…see her two interviews with me, we discuss that…yes, I will address you and others who reacted to my show last week on air tonight. But briefly, as it is only an annoyance like a kant swirling around the pond where the big boys piss. Kathy Buckalew 11/12/2013 11:02 Kathy Buckalew its not funny im operating from he highest good, unlike yourself. may God have mercy on your soul. Michael Hemmingson 11/12/2013 11:10 Michael Hemmingson You a hypocrite as grand as Tartuffe — you know, Moliere, 15th Century European theater, I know that is beyond your educational level, but Google Tartuffe to see what I mean, You are not of God, far from it, because only a charlatan would claim to be. Those who say, “I am so pious, I am so holy, I work with God” never need to say that; they are humble and do their work without boasting. You are a fraud like Duncan. I am going to have a guy on in a few weeks who says Duncan used to hang out with his group and everything he says he stole from them, taking the stories of 7 people he heard around campfires and creating the “Duncan” mythos to con people out of money. You are of that ilk: sick, perverted people on psychotic medicactions who cannot fathom he differences between TV shows and reality. If you do in fact think some God is working wth you, you have been deceived by a dark force, the way Duncan lures unsuspecting fools into his devil-worshopping seminars. THAT I do believe when he FWH group talks of it. They mind-control the people who go to the seminars to believe something else happened, that did not. You have fallen for his lies and con, and may some force of good have mercy on you and open your eyes. When you do open your eyes and find out the truth of Duncan’s deception, I will hear your story and help you come to terms with the mind control used on you by these truly evil people. Look at Duncan;s latest photo with the staff with Nazi swaztikas on it: the truth is the connection of the eyes and deduction of the veil. Kathy Buckalew 11/12/2013 11:11 Kathy Buckalew what im leaving to the world is a gift, you are all ego. 1111 time stamp for me…hahahah..perfect Michael Hemmingson 11/12/2013 11:13 Michael Hemmingson Just by stating that you are leaving a guft is ego. You have an over inflated perception of your piousness. If you were truly a light worker, you would not feel a need to convince me or anyone of it, nor would you broadcast it. Like Duncan, who is constantly trying to convince people he is “a force of nature.” A true light worker works in silence and never needs to boast about it. Otherwise: a fraud. Kathy Buckalew 11/12/2013 11:14 Kathy Buckalew im not convincing you of anything. reported and blocked, now fuck off.”
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12 thoughts on “Tabloidism at Its Best … Then We’re Done

  1. He can’t handle the truth. I must say I’ve never been the target of such hate and lies before. Lucky for me, I have you Duncan, Miranda, Source and the Truth on my side.
    I never did mix well with low vibing entities like Hemmingson.
    Thank you both for clarifying this drama and presenting the facts.
    Love you both, stay safe.

  2. Disarm a knife?… Please… i wouldnt need one against hemmy…i dont know this guy is like a stalker or something. get off his nuts hemmy…

  3. It looks like Hemmingson may have overestimated how many friends he has left in the intelligence community, and underestimated exactly how many people have been watching him from afar, observing the ineffective slander and lies. The game is up. Everyone knows he’s the child-abusing disinfo agent behind the former white hat and idylwild blogs. The info that’s come out about this so far is only the beginning. Hemmingson, at this point the safest course of action is to call your military-intelligence handlers and beg for mercy. People who get sloppy about their child abuse predilections aren’t exactly in high demand with those guys. Good luck!

  4. You certainly don’t need the lies and harassment from that guy, he sounds nuts! Real people know that what both you and Miranda went through and talk about is the truth. Thanks for also defending a great radio host, I love her show.

  5. Wow, I hope this nonsense ends soon! No one on planet earth or the galaxy for that matter should have to put up with this vileness.

    Duncan, Miranda and Kathy, I salute you for standing your ground, you guys are the best!!!! In your strength we find our own!

  6. Hemmingson! My Da had a Very Strong hold on Common Sense and He used to say “Be sure the Brain is Engaged before putting the Mouth into Gear! I know this won’t be easy for You so go back to the Start and read it again and again! Who knows it might actually sink in! Good Luck You’ll eventually get it Literally! Have a Nice Day! Mal

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