4 thoughts on “A Blast From the Past

  1. Hi,Duncun,i’ve been following your accomplishement,i know where you come from,i admire the courage you have to come forward with everything you lived,it must be a relief to be abel to talk about your life like you do

  2. Duncan,

    It doesn’t happen often, I know; but, after seeing this photo my brain is suddenly asking questions. Who took this pic of you? Have you always had it or did someone send it to you? Am surprised “they” would allow proof of their hidden antics via photographs.

  3. What happen to you and Amanda is just sad …..No One has the right to control us.
    There are more people under mind control than we realize.
    But People will not believe it until it happens to them.
    They spen more time watching T V playing Games and getting upset because there team lost a damn football game than they do anything else.
    There is a world of Crazy People out there and Unfortunately most of them have allot of Power.
    It is scary.
    Take Care wishing you all good things in life.

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