Rant 3.0 and Done – No More Rants


After the past several days of having to take out the trash and spending time reflecting on the past, present, and the future, we have decided to make this our final rant. There will be no more because, quite honestly, we don’t see a need for it. To say we live in a world that is topsy turvy would be the understatement of the millennium. What is looked at as being good is trash talking, sucker punching, raping, killing, anything that comes to mind is considered “being cool”. Being good.

There are multiple websites and blogs out there that put out a lot of crap being regurgitated by others in the so-called “alternative” media and the mainstream media.  all the while, these people with their websites and blogs are begging everyone for money.

That damn near to me sounds like a politician running for office. Beg for money, while they go take a nice cruise. How many people/blogs and websites can you give money to every month? By design, you are being forced to pick and choose what the truth is. Never mind what you think or feel, you are being told you must choose 1,2,3 or more of everyone out there.

One word to say about all this: ENOUGH. Our good friend Thomas Sheridan wrote a short post about this on Facebook today. In essence, it says there are specific criteria that one must adhere to be included in the fold of the alternative news community. Ladies and gentlemen, please pardon my language, but — FUCK THAT.

Just like our friend Thomas Sheridan, Miranda and I are just who we are. No more, no less. We are exactly who we say we are, we are exactly what we say we are, and we will be exactly who we say we will be. If there is anyone out there, from A to Z, and that includes YouTube commenters, anonymous posters, and Hemmingsons, by all means, at one of our seminars, just show up. Believe me, I can put your mind at ease. Or sleep — your choice.

If anyone out there is reading this and thinks “Wow, someone’s upset”, you’re right. Not just right, but damned right. We are sick and tired of people writing us asking “What should we do?”, “When do we ascend?”, “How long before our space brothers and sisters show up and save us?” Got news for you: You get one shot — and that’s to save yourself.

For years now, we have been saying the same thing, over and over and over – pull your heads out of your asses and learn to save yourselves.

As most of you have noticed (no, I really haven’t calmed down any), Miranda and I rarely, if ever, discuss our personal issues. We are constantly asked, but we always reply that our personal issues are just that – personal. But you know what? Being the fact that we have been, over the past week, bombarded with whining, crying, piss-poor excuses for humans, people who are not willing to fight for others or even for themselves – we’re going to talk about our personal selves just a little bit.

This is not being written for sympathy, as a bragging point, or actually anything. It’s just, frankly, being written as something that we would hope in at least some small way inspire someone. Not groups, but someONE.

To start off, straight up, our lives are a living hell. But no matter how bad our days are, we know there are others out there worse off than we. So let’s begin with Miranda. Several years ago, Miranda was rear ended in an automobile accident which nearly killed her. Did she give up? Did she lay down? Did she say give me crutches? Give me a wheelchair? No. She fought every minute of every day to put herself back to where she is.

Now let’s go back even farther into her past. Let’s relive a piece of shrapnel, entering her lower back and lodging against her spine. Which can not be surgically removed. Ya think that ain’t just a little bit painful? Just a little bit worrisome? I have seen her rise in the mornings with tears in her eyes from the pain. Does she allow the pain to stop her? No. Not once. Not one day. Do we even want to talk about the damage to joints, knees, to elbows, to her neck from the training and the jobs we were sent on? We’re a chiropractor’s wet dream.

Does any of this stop her from doing what she does – fighting for others every day, taking care of others ever day, being responsible for others every day? Not just no, but hell’s no. This is the woman I know. This is the woman I love and admire. The woman I respect.

And there is so much more that just need not be spoken of – pains, agonies, memories, nightmares, on and on, day after day.

Now on to me. We were never, and we mean ever going to talk about anything like this. Then we get multiple emails — yes, from the same individual, from multiple accounts (guys, you really need to learn to rotate your IP addresses) telling me that I needed to “man up”. Man up.

Man up? Let me tell you little boy real man wannabes something about manning up. I “man up” each and every time I stand up. If you believe what we have said about our pasts and what we go through in the present is bullshit, you are sadly mistaken. Try and put yourselves not only in my shoes, but Miranda’s shoes as well, with what we have had to endure physically from the time we were children.

Let’s begin with, oh, I don’t know, having all of our bones micro-fractured to build density? Let’s talk about having the right side of your spine crushed from neck to tailbone. Let’s talk about having bullets removed from underneath kneecaps and shoulders and faces. Man up? Really? Let’s talk about being told you will never have use of your arms again. And taking three years to be able to feed yourself. You want me to man up? How about you man up?

This bullshit of internet hoaxers, MK ULTRA wannabes, MILAB fakers, radio host bullshitters and liars, we have had enough of it. We are not part of the mainstream media. We are not part of the alternative media. We are straight up, stand up, ourselves. Take us or leave us. Like us or not. But by gods, you will respect us. We ask nothing, NOTHING from anyone. We have never begged for donations, we’ve never asked anyone for money, and that sets us apart. And there is a group out there of turds who are the exact opposite of what we are who have joined forces to do all they can do to quiet us.

Sorry BJs, no dice. You guys are playing a pair of deuces against our four aces. We have been lied about, slandered, crapped on, pissed on, and you know what? We’re still standing. And we’re standing above each and every one of you.

What has brought the anger out in this little blog post tonight? Well … emails we have received over the past couple of days, bullshit we have heard from want-to-be-famous radio hosts, so-called friends whining out their asses, and just bullshitters in general. Well here’s a little news flash for everybody out there: I was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease today. I’ve known about it for over six months. You think that’s going to atop me? No. You think that’s even going to slow me down? Oh, hell’s no.

We have one final thing to say in this post. Stop bitching, stop whining, stop crying, stop looking for a savior, stop looking for aliens to save your asses, stop praying and giving yourselves over to so-called ascended masters, and stand up for your damn selves. You have one chance, one shot, and it’s over. I suggest you make it a good one.

I have one tiny bit of information that I was given today — that any of you out there who have any knowledge of this whatsoever will recognize, and that information is this: Azazel has been set free. It’s time to be afraid — very afraid. And it’s time to get off your knees and get ready to fight.


23 thoughts on “Rant 3.0 and Done – No More Rants

  1. I have seen you both fight– I have seen you make thunder clap and lightening flash. I have seen you stop worlds to allow souls to be freed – I have seen you guys push when the world is pulling. I have nothing but respect for you both. I have no doubt that shit is only getting worse and I know, that walking in the grey is no easy job. Standing here, Ready to fight. —-

  2. From every interview I have ever seen of the both of you, I have never heard anything that any of these slandering lunatics say that was true. Why people waste their energy being like this is beyond me. I am sorry to hear Duncan what you have just been diagnosed with because it is not right, and everything Miranda has been through. You both are people that are unique and stand up for yourselves. I was diagnosed with a bizarre neuromuscular disease called RSDS, but you are right, life goes on, and we only have one chance to get it right. Backing down is not an option.

  3. Hey Buddy! Do You want to have that Guinness and Steak Now! It’s on Me! The catch is You will have to come to Australia! I Will Help You as Best I Can! Mal

  4. I don’t understand why people who don’t know shit about shit think it’ s cool to trash and belittle other people about whom they know nothing. I never understood being mean and disrespectful just for the fun of it. What fun could that be, really? Do some people really have no conscience, no feeling, no souls? I never, ever believed that. But now, in these times, it sure seems more and more as though it’s true.

    And pain. So many today haven’t a clue what that really means. One little back ache, neck ache, knee ache, whatever scrape or bruise and they run to the doctor for scripts. Hard core scripts. After a week or two on that, they feel nothing. Their thought processes shut down. Their common sense, empathy, morality, truthfulness, decency and sense of honor of self flitters away out into the ozone. At least that’s the way it seems to me and it’s a sad, sad thing to see. But, I digress.
    Duncan and Miranda, you are awesome human beings. You have endured 1000 times what most of us will ever have to endure and you have stood up to it all and conquered. You are, excuse the expression, true love and light. Might not be the sweet voiced, fairy dust, rainbow and unicorn kind of love and light (lol) and that’s a wonderful thing. You two stand as strong, real, beacons of true strength of character. Thank you for being you!

  5. It’s been coming Duncan, that door has been pried open little by little. Thanks for letting us know.
    I should have known with the astral entity attacks going up about 1000 percent the last few days. The earth energy has shifted, I’ve been feeling it.
    It’s time for those who whine and want others to hand feed them information and reassure them to stand on their own and make soul choices that mean something.
    For those of us who have made the soul choices a millennia ago it’s time to stand tall and fight.
    We stand with you (you know who all I mean). We will prevail.
    You are both loved!

  6. As one who has written over a dozen books on religion, has appeared on numerous talk shows speaking about religion, has worked for TBN and EWTN, and holds a degree in the field, there is little more I can add to the truth you have just delivered. The two faces of religion stare back at us every day. These two faces are the truth we have discovered and the lies we are told. They are the trappings of religion; exclusivity, hatefulness, fear, and control coming from those who would use religion to entrap and bleed others dry OR the spiritual truths the religion was based on, which are always kindness, gentleness, inclusiveness, and compassion. Why do we choose to hate? It makes us different, special, and better than those we choose to condemn. Why do we give our minds and souls to others for them to consume and control? We are spiritually lazy and stupid. We are slothful and dull. We would rather be led passively to the abyss than search out the goodness within ourselves and act on that goodness with conviction. That would be too difficult. Maybe we deserve to live in the horrible mess we have made – Spiritual survival of the fittest, you know?
    Religion makes animals of men. The spiritual path is one of self-examination where one comes to the conclusion we are all the same – divine, corrupt, powerful, and weak, all in the same atom of time. At the end we must say, “I am no more than the least one of you, but still I will choose to act with compassion and take responsibility for that act, even if I am condemned for it.”

  7. umm… they say anything can be healed through the mind, jusy by using your mind,meditation, the right enviroment, etc…i think you both know that already. nothing knew. i see that there are still mysteries about the human brain, a whole lot we dont know about.(actually we could rediscover our human potential but the ptb wont let us…) anyways… best of luck. create whats best. more leaders less followers..right? btw i kind of like the rants… more rants! i say….

  8. I had a Job once upon a Time! No Faery Tale the Real Deal! I would go around the Water Troughs pulling out the Dead Sheep Who would just lie down and Drown because it was Too Hard to Jump Out! Sound like something You Guys have been Told? Over and Over? Wake the Fuck Up! Mal

    1. Sorry I should have said in My Rant that there is a Group over here in Oz called the Citizens Electoral Council who are a Registered Political Party and are calling for a Glass Steagal Law to be put in Place to secure the Bank deposits of Citizens which one of Your Presidents put in Place in the 1930’S? And was subsequently repealed in the 1990’s by One of Your other Presidents! Hang the Bastard! The Powers that be want an Initiative called Bail In! Imposed Worldwide by November 2014 so They can take what Money the need to prop up Banks and Government at Your Expense! And if You say They can’t do it ! Look at what They did to Greece! Mal

  9. We were wondering when you would announce your Parkinson’s. It was slipped to you in Sacramento, right in your Guinness stout by an operative posing as a waitress. Oh, we considered slipping you the fast-acting weaponized cancer like we did with Karla Turner or hitting you with the heart attack gun like we did with Andrew Breitbart, but we thought how bloody keen it would be, just to to have a laugh, to watch you slowly deteriorate with the palsy shakes, your back going to the stoop like an elderly gent, so that you will not be able to shoot an arrow at the broad side of a barn. It will happen quick, laddie, oh so quick, and rather tragically.

    Do you know we developed the Palsy gas for World War I but never perfected it until the 1960s? It was the brainchild of Prime Minister Sir Robert Gascoyne-Cecil, 3rd Marquess of Salisbury. A mighty fine chap with come cheeky notions for war.

    Have fun with it, old bean!

    Your chums at MI-6.

    1. Oh really….old bean.

      Personally I think it’s a rite bloody shame you shitheads don’t have the courage

      to use a “real” email addy. Forcing me to respond to rats this way.

      btw…you lie like a rug. MI 6 my ass.

      Your nothing but a wee prick with his cock up his own arse.

      I am telling you what I tell every other loud mouth shit for brains coward.

      You want some, come get some.

      Have a jolly good day now.

      1. You know what MI-6 stands for! Mostly Inbred with only 6 Possible Varients! Not much to live for! Any way the British always had Someone Else do Their Dirty Work ‘Cause They Don’t have the Nuts to do it Themselves! As eloquently put by Duncan put up or Shut Up! Nah just FUCK OFF! Mal

    2. What you said is a complete falsehood. I normally just ignore and pass by nonsensical comments and internet stories, but I just couldn’t sail by this one.
      Let me guess…you have a drinking problem. You tend to pretend you know a lot in the company of others by making either bombastic statements or just tossing out enough truth of a matter to give the appearance you understand whatever subject is being discussed. You tend to degrade others to avert attention from you own insecurities. You have high blood pressure, an enlarged heart (maybe you don’t know this part). You have trouble with erections, but that could be due to your drinking problem. This just adds to your abusive behavior toward others to overcompensate for your lack of sexual prowess. Your mother was abusive toward you and you were picked on as a kid. Your father was an alcoholic and you had a rather unhappy childhood, which you are now perpetuating in your own life. I could go on, but I won’t.

      Might want to get that enlarged heart looked at.

  10. This is a hard one to comment on without sounding trite. I just want to say that I heard you in my heart.
    And yes, I do get what Azazel being released means. That is the beginning. Not sure what to say on this either. I guess it’s officially started now. :/

  11. My heart goes out to the both of you. I am grateful for your courage and witness to the path you have walked. I first saw you on my former govenor’s show on Youtube this summer and have been in shock & awe of the world I was previously unaware of. I have no resources to offer other than gratitude and prayer for your well-being. Thank you again for sharing your stories.

  12. Duncan and Miranda,

    Once again the two of you are utterly amazing! How many of us crawl back into bed at the slightest illness and whine to everyone around us? Thanks again for being such great examples of strength, honor and infinite love!

    I would love it if you would expound on Thomas Sheridan…is he the same guy that wrote the books on psychopaths?

    And, what does this Azazal entity mean to us?

    I’ve listened to and read some damning evidence in the last couple of days that the New Madrid Fault is the next target…wondering your thoughts on this also?

    If it’s ok to post here’s the link:


    Starts about 30 minutes in on hour 1 (first 1/2 hour is spent describing the work/life experience of the guest).

    Blessings and many Chopin’s to you!

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