John Stormm, Ultra


John Stormm is a first generation subject of MK ULTRA who was one of Duncan O’Finioan’s trainers in the projects. Both he and Duncan were taken as children and tortured to develop them into high-level soldiers, assassins and spies. His witness testimony confirms and supports much of what Duncan has spoken about.

We consider John Stormm both friend and brother. Like us, he has suffered tremendously for coming forward to speak publicly about his experiences.

John has done a great job of distilling the complex subject of MK ULTRA as it relates to us and other Ultras in this video, and we consider it a must-watch.

Stay tuned for more from John Stormm which we will post here in the not too distant future. John is also an accomplished author, and his books can be found here.

This video has not been allowed on YouTube.

Click below for video The link will take you to the first 15 minutes of the video, but you can download and watch for free the entire video by clicking the blue Download button in the upper right corner.

John Stormm – Reflections



8 thoughts on “John Stormm, Ultra

  1. I was able to watch up til the Swedish girls and then it shut off. Great video and I’m glad he stood up for you brother! Excellent -

  2. Yes, video disabled…y’all should go to and get it uploaded on the vimeo…not sure if Duff and Dean would allow it, they seem to allow alot and that site has alot of traffic. Maybe someone can transcribe it.

  3. I am so glad; I even feel like crying. Because one more piece came into view thank you so much. I wish I could post everything I’ve found out, about the pmu and others; but, a friend tried their not here no more. So, i’ve not posted these things on youtube google or other places. I’ve got most all of it. I’ve searched into all the areas that aren’t up online no more; because of the ‘big O’ in politics.
    I’ll keep everyone in prayer and protected. It’s what I was trained in.
    I’ve seen a few of you around in the past few days.
    Take care, Happy New Year.
    Blessing All
    Thom :)

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