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Duncan O’Finioan and Miranda Kelley interview with E.A. James Swagger airs tonight on Capricorn Radio at 6 p.m. Eastern and 11 p.m. in the U.K.

James is a fantastic interviewer, and one of the things we really liked about speaking with him is that we talked about some things we haven’t talked about before — and even some old topics we’ve covered before were approached in a new way. So even if you’re familiar with our other interviews, you should check this one out.

A Stormm is Raging

In other news, the John Stormm video has caused a bit of a, well … yeah. It may not be available for much longer and some people already aren’t able to download it. Everywhere it’s being put up the forum/website owners are having a hissy fit and threatening to pull it and all that good stuff.

So we would suggest you download it as soon as you can and help spread it far and wide so that others can watch it. We had a feeling this would be a problem … people who have come out supporting us have gotten harsh treatment, so someone like Stormm who was in the projects and who knew us back then — let’s just say they really don’t want this information out there floating around. D&M


8 thoughts on “D&M on Capricorn Radio Today

  1. I downloaded and watched it, as so many people are! The stupid google page that everyone is forced to deal with did surprise me as a lot of people have seen it, get it, and were understanding. The amount of positive comments were many. As far as I am concerned, I absolutely respect all 3 of you as you all deserve it. Thank you for standing up each and every day.

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