7 thoughts on “While It’s Still Up …

  1. I have to suck Eggs on this one! I once bagged the Guy but I can See Clearly John Stormm is nothing like I originally perceived Him to be! His Humanity touched a Nerve! I have always Questioned Everything I have been told because that is My Nature! It got My ass into Hot Water so many times I must have near the most sterile Butt on the Planet! I still do not like the taste of Humble Pie! Though I have had to dine on it Many Times! Mal

  2. Thank you John Stormm, We Salute You!!! This video is worth an hour of your time. Just more and more confirmation that Duncan and Miranda are telling the truth!

    Thank you for your honest and caring testimony, John! Lots of Love to you:)


  3. Hey Mr. Duncan, Ms. Miranda and Mr. John.

    I just recentely stumbeled upon you guy’s videos. Thanks for everything you guys put up here! :D

    It’s pretty despicable, this whole situation! I’m sure it was horrible what happened to you guys, there’s probably no way I can imagine it, even. But I see the apathy people show and I am totally appaled by that! I guess I could consider it even more outrageous how people DO NOT CARE about what you have to say!! In a sense isn’t that the craziest thing in all of this?

    Well, at least I do care, and I’ve seen that a few others do as well. I’m really, really sad and confused to see that the average person has turned out to show less humanity then you guys do! You seem to be more compassionate, caring and loving then the normal person and I find that TOTALLY outstanding.

    I will never find society/life to be anything other then a huge joke knowing what happened to you guys is left forgotten- totally unimaginable what’s going on. The new year is coming up and I’m staying home, who cares about “celebrating” when this kind of stuff is happening (and everything else in the world), and again, most people seem to NOT CARE, they even go as far as INSULTING you guys and calling you names. You can’t make this up. I don’t even know weather to laugh or cry at this incredible situation. It is indeed shocking.

    I wish there would be any way for me to make you guys feel better, tho it looks like the masses are tying up this situation with their apathy. Again, I’m really sorry! But at least I will keep what happened to you guys in my close memories. I’ve tried telling people about this and I don’t think they get it very well. :( I’ll of course keep trying.

    I used to be a happy person before but when I found out how deep this rabbit hole goes… Well, let’s just say I feel very differently now.

    Hopefully in the future all of this will have a happy ending! All the best to you and again thanks a lot for your blogs, interviews and videos!

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