7 thoughts on “Duncan and Miranda on Capricorn Radio With James Swagger

  1. Good interview. There were some new thought provoking points. It’s hitting me where I’m at. Thanks, again, for being on the front lines and reporting – not only regarding the past, which is validating for many, but also on current events, which keeps us aware.

  2. Yes! as said above, always every interview the both of you are telling about what your lives were like then and now and even taking it new directions. Thank You for everything both of you do, great warriors you are. You are both amazing.

    1. Never mind, I managed to convert it. Host can be forgiven for saying “Chereokee,” I probably butcher Australian words too.

      I can never look at missing children posters the same way again. And I’m still haunted by that post making the rounds of “creepy” things children say about “invisible” (or imaginary) friends. Here’s one bit as reported by a teacher:

      “A parent of one of my students told us in a meeting that she was concerned because her son (7 years old) talked about an invisible ghost who would talk to him and play with him in his room. He said the ghost was called The Captain and was an old white guy with a beard. The kid would tell his mom that The Captain told him when he grows up his job will be to kill people, and The Captain would tell him who needed to be killed. The kid would cry and say he doesn’t want to kill when he grows up, but The Captain tells him he doesn’t have a choice and he’ll get used to killing after a while.”

      1. Hi Liz

        I agree that your story of the little boy and the captain IS spooky. Reminds me of old M.R. James stories.

        Best Wishes.


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