Back From Phoenix

It’s taken longer than usual for us to post a seminar follow-up article – after the amazing Phoenix seminar, we had three jobs back to back in various locations, and two of them were sort of last minute. But we’ve found with the types of things we deal with (shagnasties and whatnot), they are very bad about sticking to any kind of schedule. I know — evil, right?

It was a great weekend in Phoenix (despite a surprise sprinklering at one point) — the weather was gorgeous and we had a small but fantastically committed group of people to work with. We were able to focus on each individual a lot more with the work we all did, which was really nice. On Sunday we trudged up to a beautiful mounded rock formation near the botanical gardens which sort of called out to us and did some incredibly powerful healing work there. It was beautiful, and the energies of the area as we had surmised were extremely strong and accommodating and allowed us to push a lot more than usual into the process which led to some great results.

So thank you to our wonderful participants in Phoenix – you are all amazing and we loved working with you!

6 thoughts on “Back From Phoenix

  1. Sounds like a great time. :) I’m glad to hear it went well. Sometimes the personal time that comes with a smaller group is a nice bonus. My best to you.

  2. Welcome Back Guys!! It must have been incredible, I hope one day for My Husband and I to be able to go to one of your seminars. You both are so gifted and it must be an amazing to see what comes out of it. You both are so unique, and offer much caring in a crazy, upside down world. Thanks.

  3. Hope this cheerio finds You both Hail and Well Met! There are things afoot that do not bade well for Man nor Beast! But I am sure this is of no Surprise to Your good Selves! Stay Sharp be Focused and don’t Trust the Media!

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