Duncan O’Finioan: CERN|Darkworld

Randy Maugans with Duncan O’Finioan – recorded 03-12-2014

Duncan O’Finioan: CERN|Darkworld(Complete 30m 28s) –  Right click to download MP3 audio

cern-darkworld1The movie, “Thor: The Dark World”depicts parallel aspects Duncan’s predictions about the CERN LHC being used as a portal to bring in dark entities from other dimensdions.
•The grand convergence  and what is called the “galactic center”;
•CERN=the aether in Thor.
•The vampiric Dark Elven race.
•The origin of the Dark Elven race after a civil war split the Elven world into a lower dimension.
•Earth is Midgard, a strategic realm as a “jump room” for accessing the other eight realms (dimensions)
•We also riff off into current events and the state of humanity’s overall consciousness…

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Music: “The Displacement of Time” – The Alien Mike ET

The Furious Guitar by The Alien Mike ET  Creative Commons by-nc-sa 1.0 license, Available at: http://download.magnatune.com/artists/alien_mike_et

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5 thoughts on “Duncan O’Finioan: CERN|Darkworld

  1. What a nice Monday surprise! :) Thanks for putting yourself out there (Randy, too) by posting your phone call. The only down side was it was so short. But, hey, you can jam in some good stuff in a short time. Thanks, again. I hope you and Miranda have a good week.

  2. Thanks a bunch! Im in a place of uncertainty and confusion within myself and life. For what ever reason i trust you both Duncan and Miranda and also Randy. So i alway appreciate your talks. Kay

  3. Duncan and Randy,

    Thank you so much for giving us an update! Would love to hear another update soon and would love to know Miranda’s take on all of this as well! How about throwing Stormm in the mix too!

    Truly THANK YOU for Everything you do:) Many Blessings and protection to you… and to us all!

    Big Infinite Love,


  4. Miranda,

    Since it’s the 20th anniversary of Kurt’s death, can you tell us any more about what you know? There’s a new docu-drama about to be released with Tom Grant called “Soaked in Bleach” – You should check out the trailer on YouTube, it looks REALLY well done.

    Now would be a great time to tell us more about this, as there may not be a more opportune time to talk about it with this movie coming out.

    I believe what you’ve said in the past, it makes perfect sense.

    Thanks for your time!

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