The Needs of the Many … Part II


The Needs of the Many … truly do outweigh the needs of the few … or the one. If more people understood this and lived by it, it would be a better world. But they don’t.

This will be my last blog post. We have things going on that take nearly all of our time. Important things. The site/blog will be used to update people on our seminars, like the one in June, and on other important issues. It will not, however, ever be used to talk about again what I am going to write about here … in this post.

Super Soldiers. I hate those two words. They have been used to describe so many Tom, Dicks, Casbolts, Harrys, Rinks, Spiers, Briggs, and Lewlews out there to make one want to vomit. It seems for far too many out there to get the label Super Soldier in the new, “alter” media, all they have to do is watch some movies, play a few video games, have a little pinprick inside the mouth, then put a good story together. Hell, some don’t even have to have a good story. The more “out there” is sounds, the more “they” like it.

Let’s break it down and have a little history lesson, shall we? Saturday night, Awake and Aware II. The year 2011. Right after the speakers’ roundtable. Right after I told Sean David Morton to shut his mouth on stage. Right after I tossed my microphone to Bill Ryan and walked off in total disgust. Miranda and I were met by … wait for it … wait … Lorien Fenton!

She then went into her speil about wanting to start a yearly conference for people like US. With the entire project being built around us. Big talk, right? Yeah … talk. So, OK. We said we would be interested. Even had Ms. Lorein in our home once to talk about it all. Well, it didn’t take long for flags to fly and colors to shine through.

One thing we were very blunt and forceful about at the start was this: This project was NOT to be about commercializing anyone. It was to be about GETTING OUT THE TRUTH OF THESE PROJECTS, and … here it comes. … WORKING TO STOP THEM!! Well, guess what happened. Yep that’s right. Our “input” was never wanted. Only our, NAMES. That ain’t never gonna happen. So, we told her, “See ya.” Yeah, she was a little pissed. OH, btw … we were going to do it for free.

Now, right after that we had the creation of the Former White Hat and Idylwild blogs. Which we all know now was none other the FRIEND of Ms. Fenton’s and Kerry Cassidy’s and Rev Radio … Michael Hemmingson! Who, as we all know, died of a broken heart.
Need proof? OK (Click on the link below or at the top of this post).

Whistleblower Radio With Kerry Cassidy guest Judy Byington – Child Abuse Recovery 1-31-14

Give the first, ohhh 30 minutes or so a good listen. It was these three — Hemmingson, Fenton and Cassidy, who are responsible for this entire Super Soldier bullshit free-for-all. It now seems that the last two are doing their best to distance themselves from the original people they themselves brought into the public eye. Sorry guys. You made that bed. Your just gonna have to sleep in it.

Look, I am in no way saying that everyone out there who says they were/are in one of these project is lying. Some actually were. ‘Bout 1 out of a 100. The rest are either on far to many meds, or just outright bullshitters. Yes, I know. Most of them say the same thing about me. One big difference. I prove myself, and so does Miranda and so does John Stormm and a VERY small other few.

It seems that the three out there causing the most … uhhh … noise are James Casbolt, James Rink and some guy named Donald Marshal. I don’t know Marshal, so no comment. However, James and James … yeah … we know each other.

Let me take Rink first. You watch too many movies, Rink, and bub, you don’t regress anyone! If you had had ANY experience in just one of these damn projects you would know that this is something you should never do! But you don’t, do you? So all you do is mouth and lie. Like telling people I was attacking you while you where trying to talk onstage at the first super spud get together. Really, Rink? Then telling people Miranda was attacking your grandmother? What’s next? I sneaked into your house and stole your toilet paper? You need to get a life.

Now, before I move on the the ringleader, I have something to say. I know full well this is going to piss off a hell of a lot of people. Guess what, I don’t care. It is what it is. I have been accused of threatening people, anyone who doesn’t believe me. Horseshit! I don’t make threats. But I will tell you this. If I promise someone something, I will walk through fire to keep that promise. Whether it’s to help someone, or stomp a mudhole in their ass. I keep a promise. I am not a light worker. Neither am I “dark.” I AM Grey. I have a job to do here that requires me to walk the middle. I don’t expect many to understand this. It just is what it is.

Now, Casbolt. Or Prince or Angel Mikey oh hell who knows. History lesson!! Years ago, before Casbolt went on Coast to Coast AM with George “the former Navy Intel guy” Noory — Casbolt was calling ME! From England!! For information!! How do you all like that! Well, by the third call I put his ass to a test. I made up this crap about “them” wrapping my legs and body with duct tape and pulling it off. Total crap! Never happened. But he said, “Yeah, yeah … they did that to me too! Just like that!” HAHA!! No, they didn’t. Don’t feel too bad Casbolt, Miranda and I test EVERYONE who contacts us with a story.

OK … let’s end this. Writing this is making me want to vomit. The moral of this story is that a small handful of people in the “alter” media put a group of bullshit artists together in the hopes of selling tickets, books, videos and making money — the truth be damned. There is sooo much more I could add to this. But I really see no point. Some people like the wayyy out there stories these guys talk. Hell, they may even get off on them, I dunno. But not us. Not US!!

Miranda and I didn’t go public to be part of this crazy ass bullshit. We went public to tell the truth about what happened to us, and MORE importantly, what is STILL happening to thousands of children in this world TODAY!! But that mission get overshadowed by these abovementioned people’s crap.

They never talk about helping anyone, do they? About stopping the abuse and killing of children, do they?

Hear this: Truth is like granite. No matter how much wind, or water or time, goes up against it, IT STILL STANDS! And Miranda and I are two of the most stubborn people you have EVER known.

One last thing before I stop. I offered to set up a three day weekend in a friend of ours dojo to test all of these super soldiers. NOT ONE would do it.

Think about it …

13 thoughts on “The Needs of the Many … Part II

  1. I believe you Duncan!! ,I think they are all really nuts, and want fame.. they get none from me. That casbolt is evil. The things he says about women, and his degrading remarks or disgusting. He’s disgusting.. I don’t see any where where he is trying to help stop the abuse of these children. There is no evidence what’s so ever any where.. and Donald Marshall is for the fame and money.. .. I’ve seen his messages to telia.. about he’s lies. That guy has some major issues. He needs yo be put away.. keep up the God given work you been handed and stay strong. There is allot of people supporting you and Miranda.. great job y’all do .. much love to you both!!

  2. I’m sorry to hear your blogging is done, but I can understand how living in the real world and doing what you’re called to do would take precedent. Doing is more important than talking about doing.

    The alt media sites have mostly turned to garbage. It’s too bad, but in a way not unexpected. Anything good is going to be attacked and hijacked. You guys have spoken your peace and the ones who needed to hear have heard. Plus, your interviews are out there for posterity. So, future people who come looking for genuine information and help will find your stuff and benefit. Real truth rings clear and lies make a thud – so what you’ve put out there will continue to echo. The lies will fall flat.

    I wish you both the best. God speed.

  3. Fantastic post Duncan! I feel this one was long overdue and will hopefully shut some people up for good (yeah I know, probably…not; )
    It was as refreshing and sobering to read as I am sure it was a sore in the mouth (lol) to all those bullshitters out there.
    This very post I think really hit the nail on the head so to speak about what is wrong with all of this “conspiracy/truth movement”:
    -First, it doesn’t exist anymore. There’s maybe a handful of people left who actually still want to make a difference and bring shit to light but the rest is just having a good time, going to conferences, feeling self-important by making up phony stories on some radio show. Nobody is asking for proof anymore, a good enough story is all they want.

    And these individuals who decorate themselves with talk of ‘torture’ and ‘mind control’ they had to endure like it was a party but without any evident will to make these projects stop, just to be in the limelight and have people listen to their house-of-cards-type stories.
    Today, having been part of a mind control program, implicating that one was raped, tortured and made to hurt other people is hip, it is a fad, a cool thing to having been part of, that is truly sickening! It’s people playing a role-game from the safety of their homes, behind their computers, where all of a sudden anybody can be someone.

    If someone loses their job or their marriage falls apart or whatever, it seems to me that in this day and age, people have the ultimate answer: “They did that to me” And then, because ‘they’ did that, that means that those people must be really important project-survivors and before long they start dreaming up all kinds of scenarios in which they are alters, or supers… (can’t even get myself to saying it out loud anymore) and service-to-self type radio hosts will gladly let any fool on their show, provided there’s enough gore in their ‘life’s story’ because that shit sells!

    And what is worst about all this: it makes the real ones go under in a cacophony of shouts! Because the masses don’t take the time to separate the wheat from the chaff, they just consume, so your message only reaches those few who still have ears that hear and eyes that see (sorry for sounding like a bible thumper here).

    Thank you Duncan for your strong post and for being the Rock In The Surf!

  4. Thanks for all you do, i appreciate it. Will your next seminar , in June that you mention be in Ireland or the states? Im in the midwest and was unable to attend your midwest one last August. So was curios because i would love to be able to attend one of these…Kay

  5. Hi Duncan, Miranda and everyone else.

    Looks like Duncan and Miranda’s facebook page has been taken down again.

    Just thought i’d share my viewpoint on what Duncan has had to say.

    Several years ago I contacted Duncan as the memories and flashbacks I was beginning to have seemed to point to the fact that I had been involved in MK Ultra projects.

    Now what I could have done at this stage is to bring on a copycat account of Duncans story and email it to him saying from the start that ” oh yes I was six too and they put needles under my fingernails”.

    Instead I am only doing so know as these memories have only re-emerged in the last few hours. The fact is that they did do so, a great number of them and this took place over a relatively short period of time (as opposed to a longer period of time as was the case with Duncan) and if my memories are accurate they did so all at once and combined them with other methods.

    I’d just like to make it clear at this point that this is no way meant to be a competition with Duncan to see who can think up the bigger story. I am well aware that his suffering as a result of these projects has been great and as he points out making up cock and bull stories to pull in the crowds at completely unaware and fast asleep type projects is just an AWFUL thing to do.

    People are welcome to believe me or disbelieve me as they choose but like Duncan I prefer to back up what I am saying with facts.


    1. Hello My Friend
      Nothing about me is even half as unique as Duncan & Miranda’s story, probably the same about Blue’s. I don’t come from a ‘bad childhood’ nor parents that turned me over to such insane treatment as the MK Ultra and the multitude of torture, pain, suffering that they endured. Short time ago I learned about Duncan, I only wish it had been sooner in life so I could have done something to help. Be a friend, lend an ear, a shoulder, support….anything to help. Of course nothing can erase the past, I get that, however there is always hope for creating a better future and healing, to some extent, the wounded who surely deserve it more than we realize. Waking up didn’t come soon enough for me and for that, I apologize sincerely. I am only one of millions, yet a huge supporter and friend, and I wish I could turn back time if only to help you know that you are worth a hell of a lot more than you think you are…
      Granted you didn’t want me to comment, but I can’t sit here and not say a word. What you are going to have to do, is like you said “Needs of the Many”.

  6. Thanks, Duncan, for your video’s and written information on the internet. First time I saw your video’s, I could not help but at least believe you believed what you were saying. What finally convinced me you were telling the truth and what was being said needed to be listened to is the directness and passion you have for doing what’s right and truthful. I take offense to others who are not truthful. Liars make me angry. I have never liked Casbolt and have always believed he was lying. My first impressions never change. I have nothing in my past or present to research and try to make sense of. However, I wish there would be an opportunity to learn and hear more from you. Again, Thanks.

  7. Good luck with your seminars dude…hope everything turns out well for you guys…i apreciate all the cool things you shared with us…if people dont want to listen thats their problem. people around the globe are just going to have to get off their smelly butts and walk the walk… love and respect to you guys… i mean it. oh and will their be dvd’s on your seminars or a new book for those who are interested or no…

  8. I’ve been very interested in the stories of Duncan, Dave, and Miranda. Personally I have been struggling with my own internal battle as to if I should even comment on here. I’m of mixed Cherokee native american, and Irish heritage as far as I’m told. My father was incredibly strong physically, but at around his mid-fortys suddenly lost that strength and was diagnosed with a form of muscular distrophy. I was also a strong athlete throughout my school years. There isn’t much of my life that I remember, but the parts I do are in small sections. Like pictures, or scenes in a movie. Unfortunately, I to was later diagnosed with muscular distrophy which effects my everyday life. Thing is, I have memories of surgeries I’ve never had, and people have witnessed me do things physically I shouldn’t be capable of doing. I also have what i can only describe as extrasensory abilites, which i’m told i get from my dad’s side. I’m a believer, but I don’t really understand my own story sometimes.

  9. My Guiding Light in this life was my Dad, a simple man with a Truck Load of common sense! He wasn’t big in stature but everybody Respected Him. He taught me that not everybody had my best interests at heart. So I soon learnt to question everything and it got me into a lot of situations that did not work in my best interest! But it sure lifted the learning curve! Nobody has all the answers we just do what we can with an open heart and learn to adapt. I questioned Duncan as is my right as an individual but have come to a point where it’s not about the Individual it’s about the Truth! And sometimes when we look in the mirror the image is nothing to be admired! I’m still Learning!
    Regards Mal

  10. I am so grateful for you and your words Duncan. Thank you so much for always just telling it exactly how it is. To me when I think of you Duncan, I always think honor and truth. Grateful for that. Thank you for this post Duncan!!!!

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