6 thoughts on “John Stormm and Duncan O’Finioan on Truth Connections 04.14.14

  1. Thank you, that was a great interview Duncan and with John Stormm. Too bad Miranda wasn’t there, however I understand she had a job to do that night as you stated. I have seen interviews with all 3 of you for quite some time now and all of you never cease to amaze me with your warmth, caring & total honesty. I want to thank you Duncan, for telling your story as it has touched me & made me realize what truly encompasses all the things that you are today. That also goes for Miranda & John. This may sound silly, but to be honest I feel like I’ve met all 3 of you guys, even though I haven’t. In your interviews, it is all so real, and it is. But your morality, again all 3 of you , is one of the highest standard, one can see and feel it. I hope this time with my Husband to be able to get to the next seminar/gathering in Boston, I realize how special they are & I believe the benefit will be awesome, needless to say meeting other people there and having a great, but hard-working weekend. My husband has I believe 2 belts in Martial Arts. One in Karate, the other in Jujitsu. Although it’s been a long time since he practiced or competed (very long), I believe the skills and strength both inner & outer stay with you. I would love to see a weekend of accomplishment, meeting new people there, & being able to apply what you teach us. BTW, I also wanted to give mention to Dr. Katherine Buccalew, I love her radio shows and she is such an incredibly warm person. I hope both You and Miranda are doing well, and have more positive things come to you in life as you both are most deserving. I hate to be repetitive but I love what you stated about both you & Miranda as follows: That you are the same tomorrow as you were the day before, as you both are present day, and will be, in days to follow. Sorry, as it’s not verbatim, but close. This is a statement of truth that is so telling of who you are, and that you do not change for anybody, but each other. I also feel from listening to John Stormm that he is very much like the two of you. I hope this message finds all of you happy, safe & well. I also want to thank you for telling your stories (the first time I saw an interview was on YouTube years ago, John too, & Dave Corso),as they were riveting and it was so obvious that this was the truth from all of you. All of you deserve so much more in this life, but I want you all to know that the way that you are, carry & present yourselves speaks volumes. I hope to see both You & Miranda in Boston, I’ll keep my fingers crossed! Also, I’m thrilled to see that your book is on Amazon, I intend on getting it. I love to read, & your book will probably be one I’ll read over & over. Many thanks again for You and John doing a great interview. I hope that you guys will consider doing more. Stay safe, both of You and Miranda too…all of you are special, & totally one of a kind. Thank you again & take care :)

  2. Enjoyed it. Watched another with Duncan, John, and Miranda. They are all inspiring, and I often find their stories and descriptions of events awakening my own memories. I thank them for that.

  3. Really great interview. Thank you for sharing so openly. Some of what was shared was personally validating, which goes a long way, and other portions are an opportunity to learn more about you as people and about what’s going on out there. It’s always a pleasure to be able to hear you guys share. Thank you.

  4. Great interview, and as always, great to also hear Duncan included in it. Thank you, all of you, for doing this and sharing your experiences as well as your pasts even though a lot of it was more pain…

    Every Day since ‘waking up’ I am grateful beyond words for Duncan, Miranda, John and the others who help bring this to the public like Kathy, Mel Vi, Randy Maugens, etc.. (sorry if I leave out anyone by accident).

    My life is far better just by simply knowing of these amazing people, what they are teaching us, and for the many other levels of well-being they do on a daily basis for the greater good; so we can all have a better life.

    Thank you, again, and always keep in mind more people have your back than you realize.

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